Words are like the wonderful oceans, every little drop make you feel beautifully amazing, every sound of wave make you feel so delightful, every reflection in it make you feel so alive. Words are parts of love to express yourself with the language your heart understand. Every words of love goes deeper and deeper into the heart. Let your words built your moments and your feeling beautifully. The things you find most beautiful about a person be comes out with of your heart and soul. Let them know that your heart is beating for love.

30 Wonderful Quotes to Express Your Inner Most Feeling

  1. Holding your hand is like holding colorful rainbow between my fingers and letting them to shine in mine.

  2. Hearing your heart beat is just like listening to my favorite song with constant eagerness.

  3. You’re the only heaven I will ever know.

  4. I want you next to me, in my bed, next to me in my head, next to me in my chest, next to me always.

  5. I wanna gaze your eyes and wanna see how beautifully you become that sweet shy.

  6. We will grow with loving our soul as much we could as much we need and I need to love you like you do.

  7. I give my entire soul to you, it's you to keep me beautifully blue like oceans.

  8. You complete me like the stars above us complete the night sky as a whole.

  9. You are my book, and I am your chapter, and we are one story.

  10. I still remember our very first conversation and your very first words to me.

  11. That smile you have while I call your name is one of my most favorite smile of you.

  12. I am having dreams of you each and every day and they are all my secret moments with you.

  13. Your hands are the very thing I wanna hold in the morning.

  14. How come you never know that how beautiful you are to me.

  15. Your heart beat happen to beat with my heart beat at the same time.

  16. Your sweet voice brings some kinda craziest happiness in my eyes.

  17. On every shooting star I wish for you and will wish for only you in every life.

  18. I was unaware of feeling called love until I met you.

  19. I wanna dance with you up all night and wanna say that you are just mine.

  20. When You are away I swear I couldn't sleep and I keep wondering if you feel the same.

  21. You are the most tender feeling happen to me and will be mine always.

  22. We will cherish our little moments, our little precious time.

  23. The moments when we cross each other’s paths it was meant to be.

  24. You put my mind in such a gear, I kinda love to hear.

  25. I am in love with your every single part.

  26. Walking with you in the rainy days and staring while you are all wet is my best of monsoon moments.

  27. The most beautiful laugh you have is the first reason I fall for you.

  28. I wanna spend rest of eternity days with you.

  29. There is a beautiful spark in you that is utterly alluring thing about you.

  30. You are my mesmerizing adventure.


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