You know guys, love is only thing that causes a person to live more and do more. Do you know, why we, either a man or a woman; either a boy or a girl; either any male or any female of any living being category, want to fall in love with someone? Honestly, falling in love with a true someone has been a heartily desire of every single human being that would have fallen from sky ever since the civilization would have developed across the world. We all want to have a partner, who we can share our all privacy with and give a new direction to our life. The discovery of finding love goes on until we meet our true mate or your soul mate. Although we, sometimes, make several mistakes finding our true soul mate, and meet someone who was never the person who you were looking for, yet we never quit our search for true one, hoping another one would be the right one.

Honestly, it is our natural curiosity to do so. You should know that you may be so calm and clever in picking something right or wrong for you; you may be very advanced in every stage of your life, but here comes the difference, when you are young, then you just start believing your eyes, ears, your smelling sensor and other senses that take you away from reality; then your eyes start catching a heavenly image of one, ears want to listen to his/her voice again and again, and you want to touch one, and want to feel from the depth of your heart and soul. This is the time when your all calculation goes waste, because you don’t listen to your mind, and it falls in garbage. I just said; here may you make mistake in recognizing the right one for you, but this thought is not right every time; you might have your soul mate sometimes.

I never say that you should not attract to your possible love mate or should not feel good for him/her or not to go close to him/her; in fact, this is the part of making love; so one should do so without any hesitation. Kissing, hugging, touching, smiling with praise, and going intimate are the part of expressing love for your love mate; so I never say that such things are the reason of making a mistake; however these things play a part in making mistakes. Returning to the main point, many of us can make such mistake a single time or fewer times or more times, but some people make such mistakes, picking a right one for them, so many times and all through the life; how sorry! I feel for them. There are two kinds of people in the world, who you would meet in your life to; one kind of two would be who you love to, and the second kind who love you.

But when it comes to pick a true love mate without making a mistake, there is saying in India that you, go with who loves you, because there may be a high possibility about completing your search for true love one. Besides that I also say that you should attempt to get the one who you love to, because nobody knows where that is. But when the question rises about how to recognize that we are with our true soul mate; here are some tips that will answer you about who you live with, right one or wrong one?

Assess Your Love Mate: Tips


If you feel alone despite the presence of your partner, I mean, it is as if you are not with any second person; you are alone, or you can say that your body and soul feel to be completed then being with your partner. It is as if you are the same what your partner is, and he/she is the same what you are. In other words, you don’t lose your privacy despite being with your partner. That is the sign that you chose the right one.


If your partner loves you, then he/she will be possessive about you, and it is like taking care of his/her own body, soul and other things that completely belong to him/her. It is the same as you would do.


If your partner feels as if you are a unsolved puzzle or mysterious thing for him/his, then you are with a right one, because mysterious things always attract you, and you yourself want to be with them.


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