Being rejected by a guy you like is nothing new. Just like men facing disappointments from women, ladies too have to deal with rejection. In fact, girls encounter rejection much more than imagined. A slap in the face could be in school, or it can occur during a hook-up. Girls too have to deal with the pain of being turned down by a man they like. When this happens, you may have to find ways to overcome the embarrassment of rejection. You need to get your life back on track and start all over again. Erasing such feelings is not easy, and it calls for calculated moves to save the situation.

How to Deal With Being Rejected by a Guy You Like


Admit you can't win them all

Life is a gamble - you win some, and you lose some. If you like pleasing people, you will be disappointed because it is hard to please everyone. People are different, and men also have different tastes. You will find men who do not like your appearance while some find you strange. This should not catch you off guard because you have nothing to do with it.

But always bear in mind that there is always someone for everyone. In case the man you thought was right for you rejects you, it’s not the end of the world. Get yourself together because he was not the right man for you.


Know everyone faces disappointment

Look around you -- disappointment is everywhere. You will get rejection letters for jobs and business deals. Your expectations are thwarted every now and then. So, do things have to change because you were rejected by a man? Never! Instead of taking it personally as most people do, take it as a lesson learnt.

Being rejected by a guy you like does not mean you are not good enough. Look at it this way, nobody gets what they want all the time. Men are cheats and it does not matter whether you are the fairest of them all, you will be disappointed or cheated on. That’s just how life is.


Let go

Trying to force things to work out not only is depressing but also wears you out. If you want to enjoy life, learn to let go of pain. The feeling of being rejected hurts so much, but don’t make the mistake of allowing it to fester. Tomorrow has a lot to offer. You never know and you may find someone better in no time. Instead, count your losses and move on. Love yourself more and let go of the pain.


It’s not your fault

Avoid over indulgence in alcohol, food, or getting a rebound because it will make you feel worse. If you agonize too much about the issue, you might blame yourself for everything. This will lead to low self-esteem. Don’t feel like you are too fat or too ugly for him. Two wrongs can never make it right. He rejected you and it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up or behave inappropriately. Shun any negative thoughts that try to make you feel worthless after being rejected by a guy you like.



Grieving is a natural process that happens to all of us. If you want to get rid of emotional agony, cry it all out! Shedding tears gives you some sort of relief, and makes you feel much better. Grieving is not instant and it might take time for the emotions to subside. For some people, the feelings of hurt and disappointment take years to disappear. There are many ways of expressing your loss. You can cry, treat yourself to something nice or exercise. Whatever makes you happy, do it, but don’t over indulge. Take time to heal and don’t keep to yourself because loneliness breeds more misery.


Let it all out

Sharing your feelings with a close friend is also important. Find someone that you can trust and have a chat. You should avoid people who will pull you down or share your story with everyone. Find the right company and avoid sharing it on social media. Don't complain too much about what went wrong. Focus on reality and what could go right in future. A genuine friend will help you understand what could have possibly gone wrong and what's the best for you. In order to avoid dwelling on the past, be frank about it and work towards improving yourself.


Face reality

When one door closes, another one opens. Your situation could get better in no time. However, you should face up to the fact that you were rejected and move on. If you accept this fact, you will find it easier to deal with rejection. Start fresh without any hang-ups about what happened. How you handle rejection today determines your ability to cope with distressing situations elsewhere in life. Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we expect. Being rejected by a guy you like can be harrowing. Learn to accept the reality. It will help you strategize for a better outcome in future.


Keep yourself busy

If you want to overcome bad feelings, find something good to do. Keeping yourself busy distracts you from the situation at hand. Keep off the source of your pain for a while until your emotions subside. Follow your passion and find interesting stuff that you enjoy doing. You could write, draw, take up sports or take a vacation. Take time out with friends that make you smile. Don’t allow the disappointment to destroy you. Remember, there is more rejection to come from different quarters in life. Rejection is a part of life and everyone encounters such times.


Take hold of your life

Do not allow pain, rejection and other negative emotions to shape who you are. If you base your happiness on what people say about you, you will be unhappy. If you accept rejection as it is and learn from it, your future is bright. Just because one man said no does not mean others will turn you down. Be determined to live a positive life, and good things will come your way. Your encounter with one guy should not determine your perception of other men because they are all different.


Discover yourself

Have you been rejected? This is a good time to do some self-assessment. Often, opposites do not attract. It could be that the guy was not a right fit for you. Figure out who you are and what you really want. Make a list that includes things like:

  • Do you like to cook?

  • Are you confident?

  • Do you have a good career?

  • What is your level of education?

  • What are your fears?

You will definitely find a man who shares the same passions, drives and fears.


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