When it comes to fashionable wear, there is a thin line between good and great. The best way is to choose Lululemon as your trusted brand for quality and premium wear that is also fashionable and extremely comfortable. 

Appropriate for a variety of occasions, Lululemon is worth your money both in terms of the quality and the designs. Extremely functional and fashionable, these beautifully designed apparels appeal to anyone looking for a meaningful, quality and well-crafted clothes. 

The wide range of options coupled with consistent quality gives buyers the much-needed trust factor and ensures that if you buy a Lululemon once, you become a de-facto brand ambassador.

Top choices from Lululemon

The question that often gains prominence is, how do we decide what the best option is? Well, here is an easy guide for you. We decided to make your search simpler by shortlisting the ten most popular products on the website. These are not just fashionable and comfortable but also extremely affordable, making it easier to shop good looking clothes.

Featured Products for Upper Body

Flow Y Bra

If you are looking for the most comfortable bra for your workout, then this light support, Nulu™ fabric, sweat-wicking alternative is one of the most comfortable options. Stylish and trendy, it is also extremely comfortable and affordable. It is available in multiple color and size options, enhancing the range and choice for daily users in a comprehensive way.

Energy Bra ($52)

This is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to breathe and sweat easily in a workout bra. This full-On™ Luxtreme™ Fabric enhances the breathability and the sweat absorption rate in a significant way. It also offers low-friction support, thereby enhancing the overall functionality of the bra. You also get pockets for optional or removable cups, and it is available in a range of color, pattern and size options.

Always Effortless Jacket

Those who like to be prepared for the weather during a run, this cropped designed and stylish jacket is the right choice for you. It is water-repellent and has a cozy high neck, super-soft lining and plenty of pockets. This is what makes it a functional as well as a good looking workout wear option.

Goal Smasher Jacket

This is a cool product for running, especially if you are keen on adding style to functionality and versatility to your workout wear. The pockets and hood make it a rather practical option and add to your convenience in carrying stuff while on the go. Moreover, the sateen fabric is wind resistant and helps you comprehensively tackle the vagaries of nature.

All Yours Cropped Hoodie

Available in a range of charming colors, this timeless basic hoodie feels comfortable, stylish and uber-cool. It is well suited for a range of workout opportunities and enables you to move comfortably. The naturally breathable cotton terry fabric makes it breathable and absolutely soft. The cropped length also adds to the overall cool quotient of the hoodie.

Selected Bottoms

lululemon Align™ Pant II 25"

This Buttery-soft, extremely comfortable range of workout pants is a must for a satisfying yoga session or when you are on your daily run. Weightless and breathable, it fits snugly to your body and does not restrict your fluid motions, a must for yoga. The waistband lies flat, adding both to the functionality and comfort of the outfit.

Keep Moving Pant 7/8 High-Rise

This high-rise is a comfortable and easy option to undertake your daily workout without compromising the style quotient. These enable versatile styling, and its lightweight material adds to your convenience too. The hidden zippered pocket is another cool and personal touch.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25"

This colorful and absolutely minimalistic high rise tight is a must buy if you tend to sweat a lot during your workout. The wide waistband adds to the comfort and also alleviates the risk of the tight slipping every now and then. The performance fabric adds to both the look and the overall comfort factor. The range of color options surely makes it a rather charming choice for your workout. It is sweat-wicking, offers low-friction support, and the fabric is completely breathable.

Tracker Short V 4"

If you are keen on running and looking for the best outfit for a comfortable and carefree run, this is one of the best alternatives. Made of swift™ fabric , it is also easy to match with other workout clothes. This is specifically designed for the quads and enhances your overall comfort through the workout. It is a rather lightweight material, and the added lycra adds to stretching and shape retention features.


The Reversible Mat 5mm

A good yoga practice session necessitates a good yoga mat also. Apart from providing the right grip and friction, it also enhances the overall sense of wellness. It is relatively lightweight with a range of design options. The extra cushioning makes a big difference to the relative comfort while doing yoga.


Therefore, if you are keen on quality wear, there is never a shortage of these products on the Lululemon platform. You don’t just get a range of quality active-wear but many other fashionable items too. Looking good is often the beginning of feeling good, and these products justify the expense or the money that you choose to invest in yourself.

 What’s more, these comfortable and high-standard sportswear can improve performance during exercise and help you achieve the true impact of your training in an effective manner. It enhances your overall activity impact and ensures your good health as well as your good looks. Here is a quick reference on an easy to follow exercise regimen wearing Lululemon outfit.


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