A best friend is the one person in your life with whom you can talk about anything and everything in the world without being judged. You spend inordinately huge amounts of time with each other and the chances of one or both falling for each other is quite high. But is it a good idea to fall in love with your best friend?

Can Best Friends Be Lovers?

Friends will company you all the way along life no matter what happens but couples may fall apart half way and do not speak or talk to each other anymore. This is the risk of falling in love with a best friend. But the answer to this question is still – yes, you can be lovers with your best friends. The risks mentioned above can happen but not always. If you have fallen for your best friend but hold back your emotion just out of fear, won't you feel regret and feel like a coward? What's more, all successful relationship starts with friendship which sets up the solid foundation for the future.

In the worst case, you guys get together but unfortunately fall apart. Who says you definitely can't be best friends again. Since you have got intimate and known each other better than before, the chances are that you two can be a better pair of best friends, knowing more of each other's family, respective friends, likes, dislikes, quirks… All in all, you only live once, so why not follow your heart and try your best?

Why Should You Be Lovers with Your Best friend?

Can best friends be lovers? Believe it or not, falling in love with your bestie is probably the best possible thing you can ever do. The rewards far outweigh the risks. It is the strongest bond (outside of family) that you can experience, so don’t let fear hold you back. And here are 20 reasons to further back you up.

Texting each other constantly isn’t complicated

When your lover and your bestie are separate, it kinda becomes a jealousy match between the two of them. Both want to see whom you text first, no matter it is a piece of good or bad news or just a joke. But when your lover and your bestie are the same person, you don’t have to deal with that drama.

Besides, since you two have known each other like forever, so you can text each other whatever you want at any time without worrying whether you have texted too much or if a certain message will destroy your perfect image.


People can finally stop talking about you two

Remember when it used to immediately make you two awkward with each other when people, and even your family, would peg you as a couple? Well, now the joke’s on them because now you are finally a couple, and people can stop with the guessing game.


You know each other inside out

And that is exactly the type of emotional bond that a lot of couples would be envious of. You have no secrets with each other. There’s no room for jealousy, suspicion, doubt, commitment issues, mind games, ego issues – nothing! Because you already know what you’re getting yourself into. So can best friends be lovers? Definitely, a big yes. Still have doubts? Here comes an example: you finish each other's sentences. And while that’s annoying to others, to you it's proof of how well you know each other.


Dinner plans will be incredibly easy

You don’t have to pretend to be “posh” or “classy” if your ideal date means eating pizza while watching Netflix all day long. Your bestie already knows and you don’t feel the need to pressure yourself into behaving like someone you’re not. Beyond dinner plans, when you make plans, long-term or short-term, you include each other automatically always and forever, which makes it double the fun!


Appearances won’t matter

You can dress up in a hoodie and jeans or wear that sexy little black dress you’d been saving for a special occasion. Either way, your bestie has already seen you at your best and your worst, so you don’t ever feel the need to constantly be on your toes, looking your best all the time.


Trust is deep-rooted

There are no stories that you will hide from your lover because of jealousy or embarrassment because he or she already knows the worst that has happened to you and even often teases you about it. Your lover, aka your best friend, is chill when you hang out with the members of the opposite sex, because your partner knows you and your friends too well. The trust is almost unbreakable.


You won’t have to fight for each other’s time

Because you already have many mutual friends, which means you can hang out with the entire group without feeling the need to separate your platonic and romantic relationships! Your bestie knows this too and will always encourage you to be comfortable with group time as well as alone time! This one definitely answers your question, "Can best friends be lovers?"


Their family already loves you

They’ve seen you two together for a long time or maybe since you were both in your diapers, and you’re a practically part of his or her family. This means you don’t have to perform any extraordinary antics to impress his family so that they like you!


You are each other's backup

When best friends become lovers, your partner not only knows your dreams, but also supports your dreams no matter how stupid or unrealistic everybody else says they are. He or she will always be the biggest cheerleader in your life. Always. What's more, you will find you’re a better person when you two are together.


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