In our society, a huge amount of pressure is put on men to perform well in bed for themselves and for their partners. One of the things that many people attribute to performing well in bed is the size of a man’s penis. Not all men are endowed with a large penis, but something that every man wants to know is whether or not supplements that claim to boost male enhancement actually work. There are many, many products on the market like this and commercials and ads for them are all over media, but do they really work?

It sounds too good to be true that you could just take a pill and your woes about your size would be over, and usually when things sound too good to be true it is because they are too good to be true. So we set out to discover whether these pills can actually provide results or whether these companies are just producing that play into a man’s insecurities and don’t provide any real change.

Can Supplements for Male Enhancement Really Work?


What do these pills do to the body and the male sex organ?

What exactly do manufacturers put inside of these pills and what exactly do they do to the body? Vasodilators are put into these pills in order to increase the size of the blood arteries that are found in the penis. This increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis when it is in a flaccid state as well as an aroused state. They also amp up the amount of testosterone, the male sex hormone, that the body produces. This allows the male to hold erections for longer amounts of time and also helps the erection become more firm.

However, the contents of these pills vary depending on who has made them so you should always speak to your doctor before you begin taking one of these pills. Which is important to not because many people find it embarrassing to talk to their doctor about and end up in a dangerous situation because they are taking pills that have not consulted their doctor about.


Do they work?

Let’s get down to business and find out whether or not these pills really provide male sexual enhancement. The answer is yes and no. They can provide fleeting results but if you are expecting a final answer to your problems then you are out of luck. These pills cannot cause the penis to grow in size, at least not permanently. Many of these pills do provide fleeting results but those who take them are usually not expecting this. They can provide marginal benefits towards the length and girth of the penis as well as the length of an erection but they will only work as long as the pills are being taken. They cannot permanently change the physical mass of your penis. So what can they do?

They can provide the illusion that the penis is larger by helping the male hold a stronger erection. They can also be help if you are looking to increase your sex drive and extend the amount of time that you are able to keep and erection which could help your performance in bed with your partner. They can also help you see faster benefits from penile exercises by increasing the amount of blood that is flowing to the penis.


What does work?

There are not many things that you can do to change the size of your sex organ. Just like with the rest of our body, we can change some things and we can’t change others. You can choose to embrace the body that you have been given and block out the pressure put on you by the world and just be happy with yourself. However, this can be difficult in a world that puts so much bearing on a man’s endowment in regards to his masculinity and worth.

Surgery is an option if you are extremely unhappy with your size and feel that there is no way to be happy with your body the way that it is. However, this option is very expensive and inconvenient due to the recovery period that you have to undergo after surgery. Plastic surgery can also come with risks and complications if the surgery does not turn out the way that you wanted it to and it can be difficult to reverse or fix. You can also try penile exercises but they are uncomfortable, only provide small benefits, and take a lot of time to see results.



If you are looking for a solution for the actual size of your penis supplements are not the answer. However, if you just want longer and firmer erections they can help with that. The best bet is to just accept yourself the way you are.

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