The spontaneous dates, the cutesy flirting and the late night phone calls – you’ve done it all and you've been loving every moment of it. The thing is that you want to take things further ahead but you’re not sure how he feels about you. Does he want to build a relationship with you? Does he want to take things slow? Or is he happy with things just how they are? Sure, you can wait for him to confess his true feelings for you… or you can take matters into your own hand.

Does He Want a Relationship?

Men can be just as confusing as women when it comes to their feelings with the opposite sex. So if you want to know how to make things clearer for yourself, keep on reading.

He usually initiates conversations

And these conversations don’t end up with you two meeting up just to have sex. The talks can about random things in life, your hopes, your futures, getting to know each other… pretty much anything that makes you both happy when you keep down the phone. It shows that he’s genuinely interested in knowing you as a person, and that’s a very good sign.


He almost always responds to your texts

Some men aren’t great at initiating conversations, but they make up for it by always responding whenever possible or sustaining the conversation when you don’t have much to say. This is especially cute when he’s busy like working at the office but still takes the time out to get back to you via texts or calls.


He doesn’t have a wandering eye

Does he want a relationship with you? Just observe him when he thinks you’re not looking at him. A man who isn’t serious about a woman will invariably end up checking out other women in his vicinity. However, if you’re the only one he has eyes for when the two of you hang out, it means he really does like you.


He loses confidence around you

Some men tend to become awkward, nervous or shy around the girls that they have strong feelings for. That’s because they are afraid of making the wrong moves, thus displeasing you – something they obviously don’t want to do. Plus, it’s always cute to see a guy beside himself with shyness and yet, make efforts to get rid of his shyness just to interact with you.


You two go out on actual dates

Netflix and chill is for children. Dates at amusement parks, at art galleries or even at the local comic book store are what adults do. No, I don’t mean you two spend a lot of money on your dates. Quite the opposite, some of the best dates you’ve had cost you very little money, like that time he hung out at your place and you two had a Lord of the Rings marathon, or the time you two walked for hours at your local beach.


You haven’t had sex yet

Girl, come on. You don’t have to ask yourself "Does he want a relationship?" if you two have not had sex yet. It’s obvious that he respects you as a person and understands that sex means more to you than just a physical act, which is why he’s waiting for the right time wherein your emotional bonding is so strong that you two can have sex out of love. 90% of men out there wouldn’t be this thoughtful.


He wants you to meet his friends

The time frame differs from person to person. Some guys do this within weeks, while some take month for this to happen. Either way, if he is getting you more and more involved in his life and his relationships, it’s a very clear sign that he is tired of casual dating and wants something more from you.


He doesn’t hesitate to open up to you

For men, it’s especially difficult to show how emotionally vulnerable they can be in front of women. So if he shares something intensely personal or embarrassing with you, he is giving you a look inside his life. He wants you to know more about him because he is looking at you as a potential partner for life.


He gives you his time and attention

This is especially important for a man who works at a 9-5 job. So if, despite having a hectic schedule, he manages to meet up with you or even call and talk to you to discuss how your day was, then you have got yourself a keeper. The more interested a guy is, the more likely he will shower you with his time and attention.


He doesn’t mind calling you his girlfriend

Does he want a relationship? This one is definitely a surefire sign that he really wants a relationship with you, despite the fact that you haven’t had the “talk” about your relationship yet.


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