Surveys and relationship studies indicate that most couples lose their spark after a few dates. If you are in a new relationship, soon your dates will become boring with your girlfriend/boyfriend, because let’s face it everyone wants a tad bid of adventure and fun in their lives. It’s time you take it seriously and do something before you are no more a couple. Google this Google that, what she would like? What he would hate? Should I take her there? Should I not take him there? There’s endless clutter going inside your head! But don’t you worry; we’ve got all the fun date ideas that will bring you and your girlfriend/boyfriend close to each other. Read along, your silent prayer has finally been heard.

List of Fun Date Ideas


Movie Under the Sky

Watching a movie in the cinemas, is too mainstream! That’s where our dads took our mums; surely it’s time to kill this thing with the new generation statement. Revive this date idea by going for a movie outdoor. Besides going to a drive-in cinema, you may arrange a whole outdoor movie setup and let the stars shining above you sprinkle some magic. 


Love Mode On a Boat

Sailing on the sea waves on the first date is the ultimate formula for catastrophe. However paddle boating, row boating and canoeing on a perfect evening or a sunny afternoon can just be the right recipe for perfect date. With the sun setting in her/his eyes, you are obviously going to feel at the top of the world.


Have Fun Doing Namaste Yoga

It will definitely not pay off well if you’re out of shape. Dating during a yoga class requires a fitness qualification. In such case, you must invite your new lover to a fitness class where the two of you can have equal scoops of fun and fitness all in one session. Remind me why it works? Oh because you don’t want to miss their sweaty sexy look!


Nail it With a Video Game

If your date prefers to chill indoor then excite the atmosphere with some video games on PS2, Xbox or Nintendo. But be sure you are good at it too, to give your date a tough competition. But don’t be too good at it either or you’ll end up beating your date to every single game. You wouldn’t really want that unless you are less into dating and more into ‘’ha! Take that sucker!’’


Embrace the Purr-fect View

In order to make it all special and meaningful, hang on for a night with a mesmerizing weather and take your date somewhere to see the skyline or city lights, while sipping hot mocha coffee. You could either drown in the beautiful city view, while being in the car or you could embrace the wind and your date at the rooftop of your apartment.


Capture the Shots

If you or your date is into photography then all you have to do is grab your camera and go around the places that inspire the two of you and click away the shots, each taking the turns. This will not only add fun and laughter to your date but also leave some everlasting memories of the two of you, locked firmly in photographs.


Take a Walk to the Market

March down to the market and have fun buying all your seasonal products and knowing where your food is actually coming from. You may drop in early to select from a huge variety or go an hour before the market is closing up to have your hands on the deal of the day. Then go home and cook the perfect food for two.


Impress Your Date With the History

A number of museums offer discounted or free days. Avail one and take your date to get drunk in the ancient history. This specially works if your date digs this kind of stuff. This is both cheap and fun and may turn into an interesting day.


Help People in Your Surrounding

Offer a day to assist others. The two of you can try to help serve the food at the nearby food pantry or you could give a hand to the old citizens around your block. The two of you may also indulge in park cleaning activities.


Plan a Secret Dinner

Using Yelp, look for the nearest restaurants located in your neighbourhood. Check the ones that have the highest ratings and surprise yourself and your date by making your way into the restaurant for a dinner. Who knows maybe it turns out to be your next favourite eating place?


Dip the Skin in Beach Sand

Going to beach is one of the coolest date ideas. Pack along some neat towels, pair of flip flops, sunglasses, and floppy sun hats and of course some music. Swim deep within the waves with the sun screaming above you, put on sunscreen lotion on each other or make sandcastles.


Bowl Away the Evening

It may definitely appear as an overly used idea but hey it’s still fun! You and your date can gulp down some beer while stuffing pizza to your stomachs, and have the most competitive bowling game ever. You two will eventually feel relaxed, stress-free and comfortable. If your date appears pleased then you are guaranteed to have more of these fun dates.


Try Outdoor Activities

If your date fancies this kind of stuff then being outdoor and doing a bit of physical activity will totally work. Girls who are too well pampered and self-maintained won’t appreciate you taking them for a mountain hike. But if your girl is casual and adventure seeking then this might just be one of the perfect date ideas.


Jump the Bungee Way

To get your blood pumping in within your system and having an ultimate adrenaline rush while being on a date, go bungee jumping. It is one of the exhilarating fun date ideas. Get a double harness and jump together, soaring and flying in the air. Be sure you don’t scream too much in your date’s ear. Don’t want to end your date in a hospital, right?


Bring Originality With a Theater

Theatres are more original and classier. You and your date can go to the theatre and perform the exquisite performances. And at the bright side there are intervals during the theatrical performances, which means you can have a quick chat or share a kiss or two with your dat. If your date is an art lover or bibliophile then you will absolutely nail it!


Dating On a Brewery Tour

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You can totally turn the whole thing in a romantic session by playing footsie while they play the introduction videos and hold each other’s hand lovingly when they present you the bottling demos. Keep igniting your date with hot steaming stares and when you will get to the taste-test, your date would already be madly drunk in love.


Spa and Shopping

Every girl loves these two things. Take her to a spa and enjoy how she purrs with delight. Let her have the inner beauty queen dancing with a fab manicure and pedicure. Then take her to window shopping, while walking your way back to home. You may buy her some stuff she likes along the way.


Picni-fy Your Date

This is both easy and fun. Choose the spot where you can set up your camp. Dash in to the nearest take-out restaurant or a grocery store and buy some quick bites. With everything set for your perfect date, invite your girl/man over. Picnics don’t need to be some massive hoo-hah, so keep it low, and keep it simple.


More Fun Date Ideas

Following are some really amazing fun date ideas:

  • Choosing the venue of your date to make him/her more special. Date is all about knowing about each other and chattering away the evening. Don’t go for heavy metal or for a public show for that matter. Choose a quiet venue with light music. Dance, laugh and talk your hearts out.

  • The two of you can compose some music together

  • Watch football or soccer game together

  • Read a book to each other

  • Write a journal together, mentioning everything about each other

  • Paint each other or paint something together

  • Ride bicycles through the perfect places in your city

  • Go to some amusement parks and enjoy roller coaster rides

  • Go shopping for a new car, or anything

  • Go dancing in a club

  • Go ice skating or horse riding

  • Fly kites

  • Attend a wedding together

  • Go to a concert, church or an awareness lecture together


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