If you have a girlfriend then you are pretty lucky because God has consolidated your choice. When it is time to have the post-proposal (accepted one) relationship with girlfriend many of us cannot express their selves and hence the candle dies out. Good expression of thoughts on certain occasion wins you your girlfriend heart. Below are 25 good night text messages your girlfriend will love.

Good Night Texts Your Girlfriend Will Ever Love


25 Good Night Texts to Your Girlfriend

  1. See you in dreams honey...Good night.

  2. I love to say you good night because dreams wake up us as a reward.

  3. You are always in my dreams from one “Good night” to the other till end.

  4. Whenever I look at the stars I find you somewhere far lonely because you wait for my good night.

  5. Open your window a cool breeze is ready to say you my Good night.

  6. The soft touch of your lips is not letting me to say you "Goodnight". let me make it.

  7. The moon has worn the shawl of clouds; wear me till dawn and Good night.

  8. Your travelling speed is getting high in me; better have a rest sweet pie, Good night.

  9. Take me in your arms because I cannot go on without you. Good night.

  10. Welcome to the "Cute dreams airline". All passengers, hug your pillows softly. Your “dream queen” is waiting. Have a nice journey, Good Night.

  11. Good night ma, May you have nice dreams the whole night.

  12. Oh my own love how can I sleep without wishing you Good night?

  13. I wish to be there with you the whole night instead of saying this Good night.

  14. Night has got the same bewitching color as your hair..Stay blessed Juliet Goodnight.

  15. My heart anxiously waits to fall asleep with you after saying Good night.

  16. As far as my Good night hold you don’t get back because I will be there with you soon.

  17. It's time to get back in to dreamland young dreamer. Good Night

  18. Baby, meet you at the doorstep of dreamland lake. Good night.

  19. My love will ever be with you even a ‘’Good night wish” make me feel about you.

  20. Open your eyes and have eye on the moon. You will feel my hands writing ‘’good night’’ at your back.

  21. I will plea a case to earn “saying you Good Night” rights forever.

  22. The good night is again here to take you with me.

  23. The dawn service is waiting for my “Good night” pass. Grab it good heaven.

  24. Grab my “Good night” pills and fall asleep.

  25. I like to travel to the valley of lucid dreaming because I find you there waiting for me. Good night.


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