So many things matter when it comes to making your relationship with your partner a real success. How you treat your romantic partner is definitely important, but both men and women agree to the fact that sex has its place in relationships. Some people consider sex very important in a relationship and are always ready to engage in sexual activities, while some may disagree and believe that sex is important but it is certainly not everything in a relationship. So, what's your opinion?

How Important Is Sex in a Relationship?

All people, men and women, think that sex is an indispensable part of their life. But there are differences about how important it is. Let's get the details:

  • The common perception is that sex is among the most important things for men, if not the most important thing. It is also thought that women would be willing to overlook the sex issue if they believe that everything else in the relationship is going perfect.

  • Besides, men often choose a woman when they feel sexually attracted, and then they fall in love with her. In contrast, women are more likely to fall in love first with a man because how he makes them feel special and happy and then they end up enjoying sex with him. What it means is that while the focus of men could be sex, there is always love involved in it. For women, it is the other way round.

  • When trying to understand how important sex is in a relationship, you should also consider other aspects involved in the act. Having sex is actually a way to connect with your partner at the most intimate level. That is probably the reason why you feel so close to someone after you have sex. So even if there is no need to have sex everyday, you should make time to enjoy a romantic or hot sex at least one or twice a week.

Why Sex Is so Important in a Relationship?

After getting the answer to "How important is sex in a relationship?" you may want to know why it is so important. Isn't it all about fulfilling that need of yours? No, it's not that simple.

Sex Is a Way to Connect with Each Other

It would not be wrong to suggest that sex can always help solve issues in a relationship. It can serve as a way to connect with each other. Even if other things are not going fine in your relationship, sex may still help keep both partners connected. In many cases, sex unites you when you two feel apart at times. It shows that one partner still cares about how the other feels by dedicating to make sex feel awesome. What's more, sex is important for men; and if women make sex one of their priorities in a relationship, chances are that men will reciprocate by staying committed and treating her like a princess. Really, sex is important for you two to stay strong as a couple.


Sex Is a Way to Maintain Closeness

When you have a fight with your husband but you know you do not want things to go very bad, you may consider using sex to reiterate that connection. Being close to each other physically always sends the signal that you two enjoy an emotional connection as well, and this often helps resolve many issues, which, if left unattended, can eventually spoil a relationship.

Moreover, if you decide not to have sex with your partner, they would immediately know that something is wrong. This may actually send a signal that they have to rethink their behavior and resolve any issue that may be bothering you.


Sex Is a Way to Relieve Stress

A good sexual intercourse with someone you love can work great to relieve stress, and that really answers the question, "How important is sex in a relationship?" A good sex session triggers the release of endorphins and other "feel-good" hormones, which in turn relax your mind and body. This allows both of you to function better in your daily life.


Sex Is a Way to Add Passion to Your Life

If you are married to your best friend and you do not have sex, you two are still friends and nothing more. In other words, sex gives your relationship a new name, adds passion to your relationship and makes both of you think of each other as soulmates, not just good friends. Be sure to keep sex present in a relationship to keep the passion alive.


Sex Is a Way to Sleep Better

As mentioned already, sex makes you feel good and this can be good for your overall health. It directly affects the quality of your sleep in a positive way by triggering the release of a chemical called oxytocin which helps in lowering your anxious levels. Besides, having sex just like working out needs lots of energy, which also helps in improving your sleep.


Sex Is a Way to Keep Romance Alive

Even if you two are so busy in your daily life that you have little to no time to enjoy yourself with candle-lit meals, movie nights or going on dates once in a while, sex is always a way to rekindle the romance. You can put more efforts in making those sexual encounters more enjoyable, like paying more attention to foreplay, kissing each other's bodies more passionately, or cuddling before or after sex. This in turn will help you stay strong as a couple.

Notice: Keep in mind that a man's fragile ego is often tied to sex. Therefore, you should talk about intimacy issues with care.


Sex Is a Way to Improve Your Health

How important is sex in a relationship? Very! Having sex stimulates the release of the "feel-good" hormones, which help you function better in your daily life. It also acts as an immune and metabolic booster, which in turn can keep both of you stay healthy.


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