No one is perfect. However, this is exactly what women always expect from men even knowing we are no princes charming from an old fairytale. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring a bit of this fairytale in your real life with just an ounce of imagination and the right attitude. In this article, we will consider some really effective tips that will show you how to be a better man for your lady.

Top 16 Tips on How to Be a Better Man

Even if you don't have a girlfriend at the moment, working to become a better version of you is a sure way to find your partner much sooner. And if you are in a relationship that you think may be improved with a bit more efforts, go for it to surprise her and spark up your affair.

Love yourself

A healthy level of self-assurance will never hurt, but it's quite different from feeling a genuine love and acceptance towards yourself. Don't forgive yourself easily for things you hate but can't help doing. Instead, grow more patient about your drawbacks and try to fix them to become a better person for yourself in the first place.


Do physical exercises

The key is to do it regularly and enjoy the process. You don't have to buy a gym membership. Working out in your own house with a fair set of equipment will be enough, just make sure to know what you're doing.


Battle your couch-potato mood

Consider yourself not prepared to learn how to be a better man if your determination is weak. In this case, it will be way too easy for you to slip into your casual routine of beer, chips and crappy TV shows every evening. Instead, choose an active lifestyle and you will be more likely to meet more interesting people and change your entire life for the better.


Get yourself a hobby

Your job or studies are not everything in your life. Anyway, people are always more eager to know what else you are doing in spare time. Get yourself a hobby - like skydiving or wood carving in your basement, and you will have much more to talk about with your new lady friends on a Friday night.


Enjoy your work, not toil away

Ask yourself a question, if you are satisfied with your career. If the answer is negative, consider changing your job as soon as possible, or in ten years’ time you will find yourself in the mid-life crisis full of failed expectations. This is directly related to your self-esteem and to how other people (including your potential girlfriends) perceive you.


Be active socially

Don't be lonely by any means. Even if you are coy and don't get along with others that well, shying away from socializing won't do you any good. Experiment with different ways of social engagement (see above for hobbies and a new job), and stay close with your friends, offering your helpful hand as often as possible.


Dress well and smell clean

This is self-explanatory really, but for some reasons guys overlook this simple rule too frequently. Look after yourself, take a shower at least once a day, and doze yourself moderately with your favorite (not cheap!) perfume. Look through men's style magazines or rely on some professional advice to choose the clothes that sit on you perfectly and the colors that match your hair, eyes and complexion.


Train your brains

In search for more guidance on how to be a better man, don't skip one of the most important parts: your intellectual upbringing. Even if you don't feel like wasting time on old-fashioned novels or pretending you really like the French new wave cinema, taking a few hours off to scroll through authoritative long-reads on the web or visiting an art gallery every once in a while is a great opportunity to pamper your intelligent side.


Travel more

Visiting new places is always an eye-opening experience. You don't have to travel far away to understand that the world is much more than the four walls of your apartment. Rent a car for a weekend break by the lake, or take a train in a random direction to guess where this adventure takes you. Take your time to plan your next vacation properly and don't be afraid of making bold choices.


Don't be chauvinistic

Regardless of what you have been told by your parents or teachers or pals, being chauvinistic and prejudiced towards women is a sign of a pretty limited mindset. If you are not the one to flaunt ignorance, avoid attributing sexist labels to women. As a result, it will be much easier for women to confide in someone they know will understand them.


Come out of your comfort zone

Dare to achieve more, even if you are pretty comfortably settled in your own tiny little world. There are always joy, love, friendships and acknowledgement on the other side of it. Try to overcome your inner barriers and forsake your comfort the same moment you feel it takes its toll on your self-development.


Learn to be a good lover

Even if she says you're ok, there's always plenty of room for improvement. Be attentive and care more about her pleasure than yours. Also, it's crucial you don't treat your lovers as random one-night stands, but try to be sincere about every encounter in your life. To know how to be a better man is to know how to treat girls in the most intimate moments without breaking her heart or leaving her wounded with your shameless remarks or indifference.


Love your family

If you think caring about your family and calling your mom once a day is not a real man's business, well - you're wrong. Your ability to care for your relatives proves that you are ready to build up your own family, and there's nothing more tempting for a woman who's thinking about long-term relationships with you.


Don't be afraid of commitments

We know it's scary. Still, the greatest benefit of being committed to your partners or friends is that they commit to you back, sharing their fondest feelings and protecting you when you most need it. Isn't it awesome?


Be wise about money

Alright, you want to seize the day, but there's always tomorrow as well. If you find yourself broke, re-think your approach to money and start saving now. For this, challenge yourself and create a motivation to achieve new goals that would be impossible without a certain sum of money, and go for it!


Dream big

And finally, whatever you do, wherever you are, don't be afraid to dream big. Making big plans is tough when all people around you are too reserved to try it themselves. Well, don't give in and show them a perfect example!


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