There’s just no denying that the world of fashion is dominated by women everywhere. And I don’t mean women working in the industry, but the industry exists to cater to the needs of women. How often do you see men setting trends as much as women do? The odds are staggeringly high in favor of women, which is kind of sad seeing how much society expects women to look better and gives men almost a free pass. But gone are the days when men just put on a pant and shirt and be good to go. Times are changing and men can be stylish easily. The question left is what you should do to be stylish.

How to Be Stylish Guy

There are always dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when it comes to fashion for men. Some points are fairly obvious, but many others aren’t. So read them closely!

Ignore fashion trends

See, here’s the thing. Until and unless you’re a model or someone who works in the fashion or beauty industry, you don’t have to follow every trend or fad that becomes a sensation every season. There are two reasons for this:

  • Trends and fads settle down, and then what are you going to do with dozens of out of fashion clothes in your wardrobe?

  • You may don’t have enough money to spend on expensive and trendy clothes. This is especially true if you’re a student.

Remember the God-awful bleached jeans trends? And what exactly do you think happened to all those jeans when the trend died? Thrown away or donated, which brings me to my next point…


Invest in classic clothes

If you want to invest in something, make your money worth it and invest in classics like a well-tailored suit, a good blazer or a sharp pair of pants. For casuals, plain shirts, sturdy chinos, and a few good quality T-shirts are all that you need. Now I’m not counting jeans because I know you already have a few that are your fav.


Get clothes in materials other than denim

I mean sure, jeans are great to wear on casual occasions, but in order to be treated like an adult you need to dress like one. And that begins with investing in big boy pants not made from denim. Now, I agree trousers aren’t considered as hip or modern in a crowd of college students, but classically styled cotton or wool trousers are something that never go out of style. This means that even ten years down the line, you can easily wear them and still look good.


Avoid skinny jeans

Always bear this in mind when thinking about how to be stylish, guys, because what are you, a 17-year-old boy? Say no to skinny jeans. They never do you any good, until and unless you have a very lean frame. Even so, I’d suggest you stay away from them, until and unless you have an exceptionally good sense of fashion and know exactly what to pair with those jeans.


Give your footwear the attention it deserves

Ah, what good is an expensive suit if you’re gonna pair it with $20 shoes? Shoes tell a lot about a man, which means that much like a good suit or tuxedo, so you should at least have one pair of classic shoes.


Start buying sport shirts and polos

Out with the old and in with the new. For summers, short sleeved shirts that are buttoned can be a good choice for you. If possible buy them in darker colors because not only are they easier to maintain, but also tend to make you look slimmer.


Dress to look older

This means leave your sweatpants, jeans, shorts, cargo pants and sweatshirts aside for some time. Or at least, have the brains to wear them only at home and never outside your house. Because if you’re gonna dress like a child, you are gonna be treated like one. This is definitely not what you want when learning how to be stylish, guys.


Take care of your clothing

Now this is something that should go without saying, but needs to be said any way because men seldom spend time taking care of their clothes. The thing is that you’re young, which means you don’t have a lot of money to waste. So if you’ve invested in expensive pieces of clothing, you should spend a few extra bucks on their maintenance which will save you a lot of grief in the future. Keep your shoes in racks or shoe trees, use sturdy hangers for your clothes, and wash them under the appropriate cloth type in your washing machine.


Go cruelty free

Do you know what attracts women more than a sharply dressed man? A man who is kind and considerate. So say no to leather shoes, wallets and belts. Instead, opt for synthetic substitutes which not only look exactly the same but cost a fraction of the price. Then go ahead and tell the ladies how you are not the type of guy who would make animals suffer in the name of fashion. And then just watch them fawn over you. Bear this important but rarely mentioned tip in mind when thinking about how to be stylish, guys!


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