When you’re working on how to get your girl in the mood, know that anticipation is key. You have to keep her wanting in your mind, and you have to do so without revealing too much about your desires. It’s a tough balance to maintain, and yes, chances are you might fail the first few times you try this method. But guess what? Practice makes perfect, and we’re here to help you with that.

How to Get a Girl in the Mood

These are simple steps which work when you’re meeting her for the first time as well as when you’ve been on several dates with her. Just tweak them according to the situation you’re in.

Isolate her

If you’re at a bar or a club and see a woman hanging out with her friends, then the best way of having a shot with her is to isolate her from her friends temporarily of course. Now this can be tricky because women don’t trust strange men. So how about you walk over to the group, introduce yourself to all her friends, and then ask her politely if she’d like to step away and speak with you for 5 minutes? Or you could offer to buy her a drink. Opt for a tactic you’re most comfortable with.


Slow down

Now that you have her alone, you don’t have to rush into getting her in the mood just because you have a limited time span. Talk calmly and keep deliberate pauses in your sentences. Not only they give a dramatic flair to what you’re saying, but also build anticipation about what you’re saying. Also, remember to keep your hands to yourself. Just because she’s agreed to talk to you doesn’t mean she’s consented to you touching her.


Brush aside her hair

This is a small gesture on your part but has great effect, especially for her. If her hair’s slightly covering her face, look into her eyes, smile gently and then brush her hair behind her ear or over her shoulder. Apart from showing her that you care about her, this gesture can easily escalate the sexual tension between you two.


Use your body language

Your body language plays a vital part in how to get a girl in the mood. Sit straight, and keep your chin up and your chest pushed a little forward. Avoid crossing your arms, maintain eye contact, smile from time to time and when you walk, walk tall. If you’re on a date, then instead of sitting next to her, sit opposite her. That way neither of you will have any trouble seeing each other clearly, and maintaining eye contact will become that much easier.


Triangle gazing works

In all probability you may have never heard of this technique, so let me elaborate. From time to time, look first at her left eye for 2 seconds, then to her right eye for another 2 seconds, and then shift your gaze to her lips for 2-3 seconds. And that’s it. Much like the movie Inception, this technique plants an idea into her head that you’re interested in her.... And it will improve your chances of being kissed by her.


Observe her body language

Most men get so lost when talking to a woman that they seldom notice the most obvious signs that they’ve lost their potential partners. Here are some signs which show that she’s interested in you:

  • She plays with her hair;

  • She smiles/laughs often;

  • She exposes parts of her body like her neck or shoulders, a subconscious invitation towards you that she’s sexually available;

  • She's sitting close to you;

  • She maintains eye contact with you;

  • She has dilated pupils until and unless you’re in a dim environment.


Pull her towards you

Most women are still old-fashioned when it comes to men – they are more likely attracted to men who are strong, assertive, slightly dominating and fall into the stereotypical category of being “manly”. When the date ends, you can either hold her hands or if you have the opportunity, put your hands around her waist and pull her gently towards you. Then ever so slowly, pull her closer till your faces are almost touching each other’s. And if she seems responsive or doesn't pull away, that’s your cue to kiss her. Trust me, she’s going to remember this kiss for a very long time. Remember this the next time you’re working on how to get a girl in the mood.


Kiss her, but...

On her forehead. This works perfectly for guys who are out on their first dates and aren’t sure whether or not to kiss her on the lips. So why not play it safe and kiss her on the forehead? It’s very cute, shows her that you’re affectionate towards her, as well as reveals the fact that you’re enough of a gentleman to not push her into doing something she doesn’t want to do!


Build a lingering sexual tension

Of course, there are different ways of building sexual tension and a few methods have already been shared above. But here are some more subtle and highly effective ways in which you can increase her anticipation by leaving the sexual tension lingering in the air:

  • Let your finger linger on her waist, hand, shoulders or face for 2 seconds after your hands move away;

  • Trace your fingers in a zigzag line on her back, starting from the bottom of the nape of her neck to just around her lower waist;

  • Sometimes, just lower your voice so that she has to move in closer to listen to you or whisper in her ear from time to time;

  • Look at her lips for one second or two, and when she catches you looking at them, smile and look away.


Play to her sense of smell

Now this one works either when you’re having a date at home (Netflix and chill) or you’re at a place where you can control the environment (like your friend’s bar). The sense of smell is one of the most underrated senses out there, which is why using it to figure out how to get a girl in the mood is pure genius. Throw out your cheesy colognes and instead invest in some scented candles, like vanilla, apple spice or even strawberry. If that’s not possible, invest in a room spray or air freshener, but make sure it’s mild and something like rose or sandalwood scented products is great. Bonus points – find out what her fav scents or perfumes are and use them to please her senses!


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