The emotional roller coaster of a break up is hard enough, but sometimes you just do not know how to get over your ex. Fortunately, there are proven methods, such as the following, to help ease the emotions and the pain of the break up, whether you were the one that broke up with him or her or not.

10 Smart Ways to Get Over Your Ex

The following tips will work whether you are male or female, because how to get over your ex is important regardless of your gender. We each suffer from major emotions at this time, and the following should help us cope.

No Facebook Stalking

Yes, it can be tempting to follow your ex around on Facebook and see what they are up to. However, this means that you have not come to terms with the relationship ending and are actually looking for your chance to become a part of their life again. So, how to get over your ex? If it doesn’t work out the first time, it could never will, so block him or her from Facebook, and move on.


Allow Time for Grieving

No matter how long your relationship was, you desperately need time to grieve that it has ended. For girls, that probably means a girls’ night out or in, with plenty of chocolate and quite a few tears. For guys, it means a guys’ night out, but make sure your friends don’t try to immediately set you up with another girl. How to get over your ex also means waiting several months to avoid having a rebound relationship.


Stay Active

This should be both physically and mentally. Just because you are no longer in a relationship does not mean you should stop working on your health and fitness, or give up on your lifelong career dream. Keep yourself busy with work, school and friends to help you realize that you did not need your ex in your life, which will help you get over your ex.


Remove Them from Your Life

Just as you purged your ex from your Facebook feed, you need to purge them for your life. This is one of the best ways to get over your ex because it allows you to see that your life can and will run smoothly without them there at every turn.


Don’t Fall for the Friends with Benefits Ploy

Oftentimes, when two people break up, they will decide to become “just friends”, or worse yet “friends with benefits”. Getting over your ex means you need to have complete separation, which includes not having casual sex with him or her.


Take Time to Be Alone

Rather than jumping from one relationship right into the next, consider taking some time to get to know yourself better. This will not only help you get over your ex, but will also help you better understand what you are looking for in a life partner. There is a reason you always feel the need to be in a relationship, and it usually means something in your own personal life is missing. Figure out what that is, enjoy life as a single man or woman, and then look for your life partner.


Realize You May Always Miss Your Ex

Oftentimes the hardest part about getting over your ex is realizing that you may never truly be able to get over it one hundred percent. While this is true, this does not mean you should rush back to your ex and beg for them to get back together. It does mean, however, that you will always hold a special place for your ex, even though it would never work out for a lifetime together.


Think of the Negative

This advice may sound counter intuitive, but if you read it as thinking of the negative thoughts and attributes of your ex, the less likely you are to miss them. As such, one of the best ways to get over your ex is to simply always think of the negative things they did, said, or how they always acted.


Stop Complaining to Your Friends

Yes, your heart was broken and you are desperately trying to figure out how to get over your ex, but constantly discussing the matter with friends is only adding flame to the fire. Instead, talk about what is new in your life and in your friends’, not about the past which should already be behind you.


Move On

It is true that you need time to grieve when trying to get over your ex, but this should not go on for too long, depending on your personality. If you find yourself wallowing in pity that you are now single, it may be time to find another crush to help you completely forget the old relationship.


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