It sucks being lied to by a girl, especially when it is from someone you trust. Now this could be a girl you’re in a relationship with, a girl who is your family member, a colleague, a professional peer, your yoga instructor or pretty much any person you’re in touch with. In any case, whatever your reasons may be, you really want to know how to detect a lie.

Lucky for you, we have the 10 best pointers for you that you can keep an eye out for. And they don’t just work for women, but people of all genders and age groups!

11 Signs That a Girl Is Lying



This one doesn’t usually work with strangers, because in order to assess suspicious expressions on her face, you have to know how she reacts in certain situations, right?

The next time you suspect she is lying, ask her about the situation and see how she reacts. If she has too many expressions on her face, uses her hands to create big gestures…Or goes on the opposite end of the spectrum and relays the story with a blank face and her hands folded in front of her chest, be careful. This is not how she would normally respond, right? So this means she could be lying.


Physical distance

Try as they may, there are certain body gestures that are completely out of the control of liars. And this includes maintaining a physical distance when lying. So if you suddenly noticed her getting up and moving to another seat, or shifting away from you, or letting go of your hand that she had been holding for a while, then you know how to know if a girl is lying. This is because a liar always wants to create a “barrier” between you and them in order for you to not be able to catch their lies.


Disconnect between words and actions

Again, this is a subconscious giveaway that most liars don’t even notice. The best example to give would be shaking their head in a “no” while saying “yes” with their mouths.


Repeating your question

Students often use this trick during VIVA exams – repeating the questions their teachers ask them, in order to buy a precious few seconds that may help them recall the correct answers. Liars use the same technique, and for the same reason. Some of them repeat those questions in order to egg you on, so that you reveal more details that can help them ascertain the type of reply to give you.



Whenever you bring up one of her lies, you’ll find that minor details never remain the same. For example:

You: Hun, wasn’t Jen wearing a blue dress when she went out on a girls only date with you last Friday?

Her: Yeah, she sure was.

You: Now that I think about it, didn’t you tell me it was a green dress?

Her: Uh…oh, yeah. You’re right. I was too busy texting right now to notice that detail.

See? Liars seldom think they will get caught, so they don’t bother brushing up on their lies. That is why, asking them about little details time and again will surely tell you how to know if a girl is lying. Another simple trick is to ask her to tell the story backward. Because even if she rehearsed a lie in her head, there’s no way she rehearsed it backwards! Speaking of:


The details

There are either too many details or too little. This would depend entirely on how she usually tells you things. While some ladies like to mention all the little details, others hold off on the details to deliver the point quickly. Now, we’re assuming that you’re well versed in how your girlfriend usually talks.


Shutting you down

If she’s an aggressive or dominant girl, this is the first thing she will do, so that you don’t pursue that line of thought any further.


Get mad or defensive

To be honest, if you’re poking her about the same thin time and again, her getting mad is understandable. However, if this is not always true when it comes to how to know if a girl is lying. Especially if this is just the first or second time you’re asking her about an incident (or a person) and she gets uncontrollably defensive, then be careful. What kind of a person would rather get mad at you and create a scene, than to give a simple explanation about the confusion that you have in your mind?


Guilt/blame you

Oh, this one’s a fav of every liar. Instead of accepting that they lied, they simply shift the blame on you by saying “But babe, don’t you trust me?” It’s not like you can say “no” and get away with it. So you’re forced to keep quiet and drop the topic altogether.

Another tactic would be to immediately burst into tears, throwing you totally off balance. I mean, what man can remain calm when his girl is crying in front of him, right? And that too because of him (because she guilted you into believing that you were at fault for questioning her). It’s not like you can continue questioning her when she’s bawling her eyes out, so you drop the topic.


Her language

Until and unless she’s your regular American teenager, chances of her using certain keywords are slim to none. So, how to know if a girl is lying? Well, Simple. If she suddenly starts using such words to justify her behavior or actions, then you know she’s lying. Keywords are usually superlatives or exaggerations, like: Literally, sooooooooooo good, totally, absolutely, tremendously, completely the best etc.

Sometimes, liars would use qualifying phrases in order to emphasis how truthful they are being. Examples include: I swear on my unborn child, if I’m being 100% honest here, I swear on everything holy to me etc.


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