So you have had your eyes on a girl for some time now, and you like her. But the problem is this – you don’t know if she’s single, or if she’s in a relationship. I mean, she’s nice and friendly to you, but that could simply mean she sees you as a good friend or companion, and has no romantic interest in you, right? So then how to know if a girl is single?

By checking out the following 10 signs, of course. But do keep in mind that just by themselves, these signs are not 100% indicative of her relationship status. She may or may not be doing these things when she’s single or committed, so please don’t forget to use your common sense when coming to your conclusion.

How to Know If a Girl Is Single


She isn’t stuck to her phone

The two biggest reasons girls use their phones is to either communicate with their friends, or their boyfriends. Sometimes, it’s the boyfriends that want to be in constant contact with their girlfriends (esp. if their relationship is in the honeymoon period). So if she doesn’t check her phone often, keeps it on silent when with you and has her complete attention focused on you, her chances of being single are high.


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