It was all going quite smoothly with your girlfriend until you noticed something is just not right. You may believe you should not over-think it or else it may sabotage your relationship, but some part of you feels that your girlfriend is taking advantage of you, especially financially as well as with your time. If there is a lack of emotional investment from your girlfriend, you may want to rethink your relationship status. Let's find out more about how to know if a girl is using you, and if it really seems to be the case, it is time to stop dating your girlfriend.

Signs a Girl Is Using You


She Does Not Introduce You to Family

If she is not serious about your relationship, she is never going to let her family know about you. Know that she thinks she is with you for the moment and you do not deserve to meet her family or close circle of friends. Try to have a conversation about it with your girlfriend, and if she brushes it off, know that there is something not right. She is not taking you as "Mr. Right", but she is taking you more as "Mr. Right Now." She is not taking you seriously, so you may reconsider your decision to be with her.


She Does Not Introduce You As a Boyfriend

How to know if a girl is using you? See if she really takes you as a boyfriend. Even if she allows you to join her when she is with her family or close friends, this is certainly not enough to say that she is emotionally attached to you, especially if she refuses to introduce you as a boyfriend. She should feel proud of a relationship with you and never feel embarrassed about having you in her life. It means that she may find you fun but does not take you as someone she would want to pursue a future with.


She Gets Upset Because of Materialist Things

It means that she does not really like your company, but she is using you to enjoy your 'materialistic items'. Do you notice her becoming very upset when your Netflix stops working? Do you wonder why she calls the date off when your ca goes down? It could be because she decides to be around you to use what you have to offer materialistically. Ideally, she should be there to enjoy what you have to offer emotionally, and if that is not the case, know that she is using you and you may seriously think about parting ways with her.


She Only Wants to Go Out

If your girlfriend is with you just because she knows you have access to some fun spots, you may start to think about breaking up with her. If she has any emotional attachment with you, she will be happy to stay in with you. Do you notice her mood gets good when she is out having fun with you and it all changes when she is spending time inside? This is a telltale sign that she enjoys no emotional attachment with you and is there to take advantage of how you can use your resources to take her to all the fun spots in the area. She is really a waste of your time and money – it is time to make a big decision, really.


She Asks for Her Space

While there is nothing wrong if you two need some space of your own, you should start to worry if she wants a lot of it. How to know if a girl is using you? If you are in a relationship with a girl who clings to you for a few days and then is nowhere to be found for the next few days, she may just be using you. It is true that some girls play hard to get because they believe that excites a man, know that she is pushing it too far if she ignores you completely for several days and then appears out of nowhere. It should also concern you what she is up to when she is not with you, especially if that 'no-contact period' lasts for several days. Chances are there is something else in her life, and that is never something you should ignore.


She Takes You As a Friend Only

If you treat her as your girlfriend but she just wants to be your friend, take it as a red flag too. She may hug you and cuddle you now and then, but she may push you away when you want to take it to the next level. That is another typical sign that she is not emotionally attached to you and is in fact using you. Know that she is only using your affection and loves to feel better about herself only. She does not deserve your attention at all!


She Shows Interest in One of Your Friends

How to know if a girl is using you? Notice if she pays a lot attention to one of your friends. This is certainly the worst thing and you should not ignore it at any cost. There is no point in chasing someone who does not have any emotional attachment with you and actually seems more interested in one of your friends. If she wants you to invite a particular friend of yours to all the events and even smile when you mention the name of that friend, know that she is more into him than you. Instead of trying to change the situation, you will be better off walking out of such relationship.


She Is Very Dominating

It is never a good idea to be in a relationship if the other person dominates it completely. If she throws her weight around you, she believes she has already taken over your heart and knows you will do anything she asks. You should avoid being that guy, as you will always end up shattered and lose all your confidence. A better idea would be to throw her around a little and see how she reacts. If she loves you, she will start to take you more seriously. If she does not, she will walk out of that relationship, and that is also good for you in the long-run.


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