Don’t you feel that today, despite the hundreds of ways we have to communicate with each other, it is becoming increasingly harder for us to communicate with others and express our feelings? It’s the same the other way around – it becomes very difficult to understand what the other person feels for us because texts and DMs do not very clearly state the emotional state in which certain messages are written. So then how could you find out if someone really cares about you?

How to Know If Someone Cares About You

Yes, we know it can be difficult to figure out whether someone genuinely cares for you or they are just faking it. But be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the following signs.

They speak up

Here’s the thing. Those who don’t care about you or just want to get in your good books will either often compliment you even when you don’t deserve the compliment, or not give a damn about making you aware of things about yourself that you can improve. But that’s not the case with someone who cares. So while everybody else says that red lipstick makes you look like Taylor Swift, your friend is the one who tells you that it actually makes your teeth look yellow.


Honest but without being disrespectful

Let's demonstrate this with an example. Let’s say you look fat in a pink dress that you're trying at Forever 21. Now there are two ways of pointing this out to you.

#1: Hey, you look like a fat cow. Get that dress off you.

#2: Hey, why don’t you try that yellow dress instead? The pink one doesn’t really flatter your figure.

See the difference? If you’re thinking about how to know if someone cares about you, you can tell that when people offer their honest opinions without being rude or disrespectful.


They listen

That’s because your opinions matter to them. And why is that? Because you matter to them.


They remember the little things

That one cartoon you mentioned you liked when you were a child, a cute little watch that you came across in a store window, that one time you were home alone and broke your mom’s favourite vase.... they remember these little things. Because they care.


They are always there for you, day or night

Even if you hesitate in confiding in them, they encourage you to do so out of sheer concern. They have also told you that you have the freedom to call them at any time of the day or night, without any fear. Sometimes weeks or months might pass, but when it counts, if in your darkest hour you need them, they will respond and will do so gladly.


They pry into your life (just a little)

Not because they’re curious George, but because they know that a little push is all that you need to share your feelings with them, thus lightening the load of burden and distress that you carry in your mind.


They like spending time with you

This is how to know if someone cares about you. And when that’s not possible, they make sure they text you and ask how you’re doing. Now some people do it in a very direct manner, while others do in an indirect way (mostly masking their concern under humor). Here are some examples:

Direct: Are you okay? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

Indirect: Haven’t heard from you in a while. You've been kidnapped or something? LOL.

If they don’t care, then they are ambivalent, or pay attention only when it suits their selfish purposes. Which brings us to our next point……


They don’t have ulterior motives with you

They care about you because they think you’re the type of person worth caring about. Not because you’re pretty, or you have a lot of money or a lot of contacts in high up places.


They make you feel good about yourself

Or at least, they don’t feel the need to bring you down time and again by unnecessarily criticising or mocking you, especially in a public setting. In fact, when you spend time with someone who cares for you, time flies and you don’t even realize when 6 hours have passed!


You should listen to your instincts

How to know if someone cares about you? Truth is that deep down somewhere inside you, you already know that they care for you. You’re only reading this article as a validation for your feelings. The human gut is seldom wrong, so listen to yours when it tells you something.

Important Things to Keep in Mind


Not getting along is OKAY

There’s no rule which says that those who care for you have to be 100% compatible with you. No, real life is not like that. You may fight, argue, bicker, have different political opinions or the other person may be a downright jerk. They might make you feel angry, frustrated, sad, ignored or many other such negative emotions. But that does not exclude the fact that they genuinely care a lot for your wellbeing. Also, it’s important to know that they do not do so deliberately. Someone who knowingly puts you through emotional trauma is the type of person you’re better off staying away from.


Someone who doesn’t care about you is not necessarily a bad person

It just makes them a different type of person. Maybe they already have enough friends in their life. Maybe they aren’t emotional to begin with. Maybe there are certain things about you like your attitude that piss them off, but they are too polite to point that out to you. The bottom line is, don’t write someone off as a bad person just because they don’t care about you.


People do stop caring

It happens. And it hurts. So love and respect the ones around you that care for you. As for the ones who’ve stopped caring, well, you can do two things. One is to fight for them, making them see that whatever made them change their mind can be sorted out between you two. The other is to respect their decision and move on with your life.

So, what about you? What tricks and tips do you have up your sleeve about how to know if someone cares about you? Let's know in the comments below.


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