We all crave that one happily ever after, but sometimes love blinds us from the ugly truth that we might secretly be dating a player. To save you from potential heartbreak, here is a list of the five main signs that you might be potentially dating a player.

Five Main Signs You Might Be Dating a Player


Pose single on his Facebook account

You come across the person's Facebook account you're dating and you decide to stalk his profile a little. You click on "about", and then you scroll down. BAM! He is posing as single? How horrible is that!? Don't let this one slide ladies because if he truly likes you, he would change it in an instant as soon as he was in a relationship with you.


Almost never calls or texts

Communication is the key to a successful relationship and even marriage. But if he never takes time out of his day to even send you a text message or even a call to you, then he might be busy with someone else. If he makes a bunch of excuses on why he can't text you, then you might be dating a player. If he texts you any of the texts messages down below, then beware.

1. "I'm busy right now," but he really wasn't because you saw him online on his Facebook account all day.
2. "I was with friends," but he wasn't because you called the friend he was supposingly with.
3. "Don't text me right now." What does he have to hide? As a girlfriend, you have the right to text him anytime.


Want to have sex on the first date

Players know what they want and stop at nothing to get it. If he pressures you for sex on the first date, don't cave in no matter what. Sex on the first date is the major red alert that he is a player. 


He is secretive about his phone

Imagine his phone is ringing and you innocently try to answer the call, but he comes barging in, rips the phone away from your hand and demands not to touch his phone again. Ladies don't let this one slide because if he truly isn't playing you, then he won't hesitate to show you his phone at any given time.


Refuse to let you meet his family.

Most players never want you to meet their family because it gives a vibe that they want to settle down. If he is constantly dodging your question about when is he going to introduce you to his family, then, honey, you have a problem. This is telling you that he is either ashamed of you or he has already introduced someone else to his family, so beware ladies.


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