If you are wondering if there are best practices of how to love your girlfriend, the answer is yes. Based on women’s expectations and purely feminine perspective on romance, we compiled the top 15 ways to convey your affection and reach deeper levels of commitment with the girl you truly love. Hopefully, these tips will help you to build a healthier relationship where you both can achieve emotional and physical harmony.

15 Ways to Love Your Girlfriend


Find your feet

Much of your mutual feelings rest on your strong, determined personalities. Make her fall in love with you over and over again by showing your strengths, adequate self-esteem and desire to improve, each day. This will make her proud of being with the man like you.


Don’t be scared of being emotional

Saying with words that you love her is never enough. Women view emotions as one of the most important parts of communication, so don’t be afraid of showing your affection by being romantic, open, expressive and extrovert. It doesn’t mean you should cry in delight every time you see her, but playing with the chemistry of touches and getting confessional from time to time may help.


Don’t bring your past into your relationship

Knowing how to love your girlfriend means proving that this place in your heart can be taken by the only woman in the whole world – and this is her. Don’t mention your past infatuations and don’t try to provoke her jealousy by any means. Women are pretty vulnerable when it comes to their beloved’s past, since they have no power over it. If she thinks you haven’t forgotten your past loves, this can make her look for consolation somewhere else.


Discover new shades of life together

Don’t make the mistake of wearing out your relationship with the same old actions or a lack of them altogether. She expects you to bring joy and adventure in her life, so if you are determined to develop a long-term affair or even marry her, build the foundation for your lasting happiness by being inventive and using your imagination to go beyond the ordinary.


Give, not take

Avoid any signs that you are with her only because it’s convenient for you. If you feel she is the one, commit to her as much as possible and look for new ways to invest in your relationship – not with money, but with your dedication and efforts.


Get to know her family and friends

Expressing your determination to explore as much of her world as possible will surely prove your respect and serious intentions. However, it’s not enough just to be introduced to someone from her close social circle. Go beyond that and make an effort to befriend these people, staying genuine and natural.


Cheer her up

Love is not only about being happy together. When you feel that she is going through a tough period, be here to help her out and cheer her up, for you are her immediate resort when it comes to psychological health. We know it’s difficult, but learn to deal with it and she will appreciate it!


Survive the dark moments

When you both are experiencing some hard times in your relationship, show that you are determined to fight back. Don’t give in readily – stand up and prove that your feelings are stronger than any undercurrents of life. She will be there too – ultimately, this is what really brings people together.


Abandon any sexist views

If you look closer, learning how to love your girlfriend is about taking her side and adopting an empathic approach to your relationship. She won’t be happy to learn that you hold some ignorant, offensive views about women in general. If you do, consider changing your worldview to accept different opinions. Look for the proofs to contradict your prejudices in your chosen one.


Don’t press her weak points

Getting to know each other is beneficial in many ways. After a while you will grow familiar with her weak points, and it really takes to love someone to avoid using them to manipulate or humiliate your partner. Even in the heat of argument, reject any temptation to point to them as this is a wicked, irresponsible way to behave.


Let her know she’s exceptional

There can be no other women in your life except her – and your mother. All other options are forbidden if you are really serious about your affair. In no circumstances use your manly powers to compare her to other girls you know, past and new alike.


Don’t let jealousy make you blind

This is the opposite of the previous point, and this is all about your attitude. You both are allowed to have friends of the same sex, period. As long as you stay within reasonable limits of socializing and don’t cross these self-imposed boundaries, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship with no real evidence.


Invite her to share your passions

Even if you have the strangest hobby in the world, don’t shy away and share it with her. If you wonder how to love your girlfriend, this is one of the most effective ways to prove your feelings to her. Also, it can be a good test of your compatibility and compassion. If she finds the things you are passionate about just lame, probably it’s the sign you may not stick together for long.


Don’t underestimate sex

This is a powerful instrument to bring you as close as possible, let alone a whole field for expressing your true feelings. Random encounters are quite different from making love to your soul mate, and your bed should become this sacred place to convey this simple truth.


Make plans for the future

Let her know that your feelings are here to stay and don’t be afraid to make long-term plans. This will encourage her and truly prove your dedication.


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