It finally happened. You met him and he’s just great. Naturally, you want him to be just as crazy about you. While you surely know the general guidelines of creating and maintaining a great relationship, some advice will come in handy to help you clarify your thoughts and establish your priorities. So what’s best to do and how to make him crazy about you?

12 Proven Ways to Make Him Crazy About You


Look Great

Sure, this is a shallow, superficial way to go through life, but looking good pays off. If you maintain a healthy exercise routine, your body will be in great shape all the time, your clothes will fit, and you’ll be healthy and energetic. You know that even a simple interview requires you to groom, so why wouldn’t you do the same for the man of your dreams?


Be Understanding

Sometimes your opinions about how to spend the evening will diverge. He promised you that you’ll go out, but he had a long day at work and he ended up very tired. Instead of pouting about it, show a little understanding as this is a surefire way to answer the question how to make him crazy about you. If you see he’s tired, propose to spend a cozy evening indoors, and cuddle while watching a movie.


Invest in Yourself

Looking good takes time and money, but it ends up making you feel great about yourself and confident in your appearance. Why not invest in yourself? This is the best gift you can do to both of you. Many women think that sacrificing themselves is the best thing to do, but you’ll end up being a tired, unhappy, frustrated, not-so-great-looking, boring… hey, you’ll end up being a lot of things and none of them good.


Get Some Sexy Undies

Nothing is simpler than the gesture of putting on your bra and panties and that can also be the best answer to how to make him crazy about you. Instead of wearing plain, boring cotton, get some lace or silk lingerie that is guaranteed to spice up your life and make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret beauty queen underneath your clothes. If you avoid it because you think it’s uncomfortable, well, think again! You can choose a soft lace body or carefully inspect the lingerie and only buy pieces without tight elastic pieces or steel reinforcements.


Don’t Be Passive-Aggressive

Lack of communication is the death of any relationship. So is being passive-aggressive about your needs and wants. Letting him guess what you want and then being upset when he doesn’t is not likely to lead you anywhere. If you want something, speak openly about it. Passive-aggressive behavior is the exact opposite of finding how to make him crazy about you.


Turn On the Heat

Since you are wearing that sexy lingerie, now it’s time to show it. Don’t hesitate to walk around the house wearing just your silk and lace. If you lack sex drive, see a doctor and make lifestyle changes. Don’t let your relationship be a sexless one. The lack of physical intimacy is a leading cause for separation. The less action you get, the more likely you are to also have communication problems and slowly turn into strangers. Sure, a few spicy sex positions will help, but they’re not required to have a good sex life.


Make Confidence Your Greatest Asset

In bed and out of bed, everyone likes confident people. This doesn’t mean to be opinionated or maintain a wrong point of view till the world's end. It means not be clingy, suspicious, accusing and so on. He didn’t see your new haircut? So what, that doesn’t mean he is cheating or that he doesn’t love you anymore.


The Carefully Unstudied Look

About that haircut he didn’t see, that should be the standard, and not the exception. We are all doing things to make ourselves look good, but they’re only sexy if they seem effortless. Start thinking about yourself as a bomb shell who looks that way even when she wakes at 3 in the morning to go to the toilet. The more unstudied your look is, the sexier it’s going to be when you manage to pull out a great appearance.


Be Interesting and Independent

It feels like you’re in a fairy tale, and you want to spend the rest of your life together, each and every second. That will cut you away from your friends who are your social safety net in case of a breakup. The less time you spend separated, the more you know exactly what happens to your significant other, which means you’ll be quickly left without any new conversation topics. Not to mention that makes you look suffocating to a man who wants to maintain some of his personality intact.


Maintain Your Beauty Routine

Wash, brush, peel off dead skin, apply cream on your face and body, put on some perfume and a little make up. Taking care of your skin maintains that lovely fresh complexion we all want. Your routine is a sacred time interval dedicated to yourself and can make wonders about how you feel with yourself and how confident you are.


Be the Same Girl He Fell in Love with

After one year, it’s more comfortable to sit around the house in large sweatpants, eat ice cream from a bucket and complain about your day. But that’s not the sexiest image ever, is it? We’re all like that from time to time, but how would you feel if he transformed from the gorgeous hunk you first met into a slob. When that happens to white goods, we return them to the seller, don’t we?


Be Kind

Kindness is an enshrouding quality that improves all your relationships. Before judging anyone, him included, take a little time and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Caring for animals and caring for people are irresistible qualities that work to show your big heart. Nothing is more lovable than love itself.


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