Girls, I know how exciting it can be to be asked to go on a date by the guy you have been crushing on secretly forever. You’ve been dreaming of this day to come for so long and now it’s finally going to happen. You’re excited and you can’t wait to say yes. But how are you going to react to that proposal? Let’s face it – we women go through such tiny details in our minds over a million times in the weeks to come. Sure, you can smile and say yes, but every girl does that. It’s so boring! So how can you spice things up and be cute at the same time?

How to Say Yes to a Date in a Cute Way


Don't ruin the surprise

OMG, I cannot stress how important this point is. Why would you want to ruin his surprise? If he hasn’t told you about the proposal outright, it’s because he’s planning something or looking for the perfect moment. Why the fuck would you want to say “I KNEW it” when he asks you out for a date? Why? What do you get, apart from feeding your ego and ruining his moment? Nothing.


Practice, practice, practice

Obviously, this one works if you know about the proposal of a date beforehand. Here, you have to practice how you’ll react before actually reacting in front of him like that. Stand in front of a mirror and practice your “surprised” face. In fact while you’re at it, go ahead and choose the perfect words you would want to use for that perfect moment.


Simplicity is beautiful

Because who wants to respond to a cute date proposal with a silent seal laugh that’s accompanied with snorting and gestures that only Mr Bean could dream up? Nobody, except standup comedians of course. And you aren’t one, are you? So keep it simple and cute. There’s no need to complicate things. Always keep simplicity on the top of your list when it comes to how to say yes to a date in a cute way.


Being straight forward is cute

There’s no point in beating around the bush. Coming forward as unsure or deliberately not giving him a definite answer isn’t cute, it’s annoying. AND you ruin it for the rest of the girls who live with the stereotype that “no” really means “yes”. Don’t do that and show enthusiasm.

Words like “Okay, yeah sure. Why not?” are not so passionate and sometimes even unacceptable.

Words like “OMG yes Jason! I’d love to go out on a date with you” are perfect.


Show your emotions

As already mentioned above, if you are looking forward to this proposal or are pleasantly surprised when it does happen, show it to him. He wants to make you happy and make it a memorable occasion. So now it’s your turn to make the occasion memorable for him – do not hesitate to show your emotions, telling him how happy you are to hear it and have a date with him.


Maintain eye contact

How to say yes to a date in a cute way? Eyes represent the soul. Maintaining eye contact is sexy but its effect is greatly under rated. But it is also cute if you can't make eye contact due to shyness. Just don’t deliberately avoid maintaining eye contact with him. That’s going to send the wrong signals.


Keep in mind your body language

Words are only half the battle won. Your body says a lot more about you than you realize. Your excitement should reflect in your body posture and language as well, otherwise it may lead him to think that you’re saying yes for the sake of saying it.

Here’s an example – Hands crossed across your chest means you’re defensive/guarded. And what kind of a girl would be guarded if she’s happy, right? There are other positive body language options that you can adopt, like opening your arms for hugs, giving big smiles, leaning in to him, etc.


Make use of the sensation of touch

Touch is misused by many in order to get what they want. The reality is that you can use the sensation of touch to convey your feelings when you think words are failing you. You can hold his hand after you say yes, hug him or kiss him on the cheek. These are just a few of the many examples out there that can help validate your feelings when it comes to how to say yes to a date in a cute way!


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