Love makes the world go around. You may argue that it is simply a series of chemical and hormonal reactions in our brain. But you know, we truly feel it and how it is beyond that of a mere biological explanation. Great accomplishment in our history is because of love. It's undoubtedly real and we crave for it. We shouldn't question its existence, it should be how to show appreciation of love. How to show someone you love them? The language of love is different for everyone, but everyone understands what it stands for. The following is a short list of how you can show someone your appreciation. While it is far from exhaustive, they are all excellent methods to show someone your love for them.

How to Show Someone You Love Them: You Can Do These 15 Things!


Talk To Them

Being in a long-term relationship could sometimes take its toll, then you both talk less and less each day. Maybe it's the monotony of life or there just isn't much to say. Just talk, learn something about your partner's job or maybe plan out something together. Getting too comfortable is fine, but communication is still important.


Listen To Them

While on the subject of communication, listen properly. Making the effort to listen is one of the easiest ways to show that you care, whether it's a topic you have heard or something uninteresting. If you care for the person, you should care what they say.



While you should treat every day as Valentine's Day, putting in the effort to celebrate it on an actual day is a different thing altogether. This is more than just formality: this is about reminding each other of the love you two shared. Make a big deal out of your anniversary or his birthday, show them your thought, time and love that went into the celebration. That is one way to show someone you love them.


Hugs and Kisses

Kisses and hugs should be as natural as holding hands on a date. If you have been in the relationship for longer, all the more you should be frequently kissing and hugging each other. Don't let those passionate session turn into quick pecks. Keep them strong and you will have your partner feeling attractive and special.


Compliment Them

Say "I love you" and compliment them out of the blue. They mean a lot to you and they need to know how you feel.


Be Cliché!

If you are pretty unimaginative or just aren't sure what your partner likes the best yet, going full-on cliché is never the wrong answer. Cliché doesn't mean boring (while some of them are), it simply means that it's been done a lot. This does not, however, mean that your partner has ever experienced something cliché in the first place, so technically it's still romantic to them. Arrange your partner to an evening out to the theatre, followed by that fancy restaurant downtown, chatting over an exquisite bottle of wine. Something cliché has variety too, whether it's a candlelit dinner or a simple stroll down the beach. It's not cliché, it's classy.


Do Some Chores

Love isn't just about the romance. Helping out with the domestic chores and sparing your partner the effort and time is another way to say that you care. Most of us are busy with our life and cleaning is just one of those things you grow to despise first. Spend your own free time to do the chores and clean the home. It shows your willingness to sacrifice your precious time to make sure your partner have fewer things to do. In addition, with you helping with the chores now, you will free up the time for your partner to be with you later on!


Cook Them a Meal

This is obvious for how to show someone you love them. Food is the fastest way to a man's heart and pretty much almost anyone's heart. There is significance in a meal that you prepare yourself for your special someone. You are taking the time to shop for ingredients and preparing the dish. Don't be afraid to meet up, knowing how your partner enjoys the food gives you more insights what they like. If you did screw up, serve it up as a little test of love if you may, if your partner continues to eat his food and telling you how delicious it is, despite his face betraying him, he might just be a keeper.


Go Out For Dinner

Go somewhere you know you will love to go again. If you want to avoid being too cliche and chose somewhere away from the romantic couple gatherings, then go for it. Even if it's a fast food restaurant, there isn't really a reason to invest your money in a French bistro unless of course the two of you really crave for it. Go where you both enjoy and not where everyone else does.


Spontaneous Date

Let's say it was a boring Sunday noon or even when you both happen to end work early, why not surprise your partner with a random, unplanned date? Maybe have a picnic in the park or take a drive. Do it all in the name of good fun.


Order In

If you are not confident in your cooking, eating takeaways can be romantic in itself. Order from your favorite restaurant eats as you snuggle together in front of the television, enjoying the company of each other, all in the comfort of your home.


Don't Let the Romance Die

As you get more and more comfortable with each other every day, never forget to keep the romance alive. It's all about making your partner feel special and loved.



A gift should not be reserved for celebration. When you give someone a gift, you aren't giving them a mere physical object. For that moment of time when you are picking out that gift, the only person on your mind is the gift receiver. That's what makes a gift special, especially handmade ones.


Shower or Bath Together

This is more than just saving water. Showering together is hot and sexy while sharing a bath is cuddly and romantic. And if you do have access to a bath, I recommend setting up a laptop and enjoy a movie together (until the water gets uncomfortably lukewarm anyway).


Sexual Fantasies

A romantic relationship without sex is just friendship with slightly more body contact. Share your sexual fantasies with each other and act on them. Well, put some constraint into it and don't ever do something your partner aren't comfortable with.


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