Pretty much every straight man on the planet has been in the position where you are now – nervously thinking of the different methods for how to start talking to a girl. All of this because you came across this pretty girl and you really wanted to talk to her, but being the idiot that you are, you blew it because a) you said something you shouldn’t have b) because you didn’t know what to even say. Here comes the savior.

Tips on Starting a Conversation with a Girl

Now don’t be too hard on yourself. For the next time onward, here are some thumb rules you should always keep in mind before approaching any girl.

Don’t fear rejection

Well, what’s the worst that can happen? Your life carrying on as it is? Wow. That must be so hard for you. Anyway, fear of being turned down is what holds many people back so you can either get rid of that fear, or you can stop reading this article right here. Because you’re gonna die alone.


Be confident

Yes, a cliché, but for good reason. Women do NOT like men who are nervous, unsure of themselves or too meek to make a movie. So, maintain eye contact, speak in clear tones and maintain a good posture while standing or sitting when approaching her.


Make her laugh

Not with stupid, cheesy or sexist jokes. No. Try something intelligent which does NOT involve pick up lines. Learn to integrate your humor into your conversations with people. Too difficult? Then stick with funny remarks; they are the best solution when you are working on how to start talking to a girl.


Compliment her sincerely

The easiest way to begin a conversation is with a compliment. For example, "Excuse me, but is that a faux-leather bag you’re carrying? It’s gorgeous." and then continue it with something like "Actually my younger sister has been looking for one with similar model but she can’t find it anywhere. Please tell me where you bought it." And BOOM. You have her attention as well as her empathy, because who doesn’t like a guy looking out for his little sis?


Talk about the weather

When you have literally no topic to discuss to start a conversation, then just discuss the weather. Connect that with the weather in another country and how it would be great to visit it. Then ask her about where she’d like to visit if given a chance. Find a commonality and stick to it.


Talk about people around you

Have you watched the movie Date Night? There the couple is sitting in a restaurant, having their dinner and playing a game called “what’s their story”. What you can do here is to pick out people from a crowd, and then judging by their clothes and mannerisms, guess what their back-story is. Encourage her to play and who knows, she might turn out to be a master story teller and you won’t have to bother about how to start talking to a girl. That’s because she’s doing all the talking for you!


Ask questions

It doesn’t matter if you already know the answer. Asking questions lets people believe they have the upper hand in the conversation. And whosoever has the upper hand subconsciously believes that the person in front is little to no threat. Not to mention the fact that most people love helping strangers.


Comment positively

For example, if you’re sitting at a barista and notice a young lady sitting all by herself, say something like, "You know, the caramel macchiato here is to die for. You should definitely try it". Or if you’re at a concert, say, "Wow. That singer sure has beautiful vocals on her". Always make a positive statement because negative ones tend to turn people off, until and unless you’re at a protest or hate rally, in which case go for it.


Ask for help

Wondering how to start talking to a girl? Ask for help! Because men, much like women, need help from time to time. For instance, you can ask for directions, or if she’s a waitress, strike a conversation about the best dishes to order. If you’re creative, you can come up with elaborate ruses, like dropping your ring in a hard to reach place, and then ask her to help you pick it up because her hands are thinner than yours. Just ensure that whatever you ask her to do does not inconvenience her.


Offer help

Now obviously this isn’t applicable in every situation because pretty women aren’t just standing there, waiting to be helped. You have to be smart about it. Use the opportunity to your advantage. And when it does, it’s a sure winner. However, make sure you aren’t being forceful or invading her personal space. That’s an instant turnoff.


Ask for an opinion

People LOVE giving their opinions about anything and everything. It doesn’t matter whether they’re right or wrong; they love to tell the world how they feel about things and people. Doubt it? Just look any person's Facebook posts and comments! Asking for an opinion is one of the easiest things to do when wondering how to start talking to a girl.


Talk about a shared experience

For example, if you’re at the same concert or college function, talk to her about that one time the bassist fell off the stage or the time the principal’s old shoes made him trip over in front of all his students. A common ground is the best and easiest way to continue a conversation that you’ve initiated with a stranger.


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