Since the day we open our eyes, our actions are thoroughly judged by the society in which we live. We’re compelled to mold our life according to the sets of principles and teachings that have been shoved to us. And so we dress, eat and live to become socially acceptable and be praised by everyone around us. As if this isn’t wrong enough, we sort out our life based on what social media has to say. People are greatly influenced by how many likes they are getting on their Facebook pictures or if they have an invisible popularity crown over their heads just because they are sticking with the norms laid down for them. In short, we exhaust ourselves to the point of misery by managing both our online and real lives. In this article you may find some tips regarding how to stop worrying about what others think of you, as we weren’t sent by God to please others or get their approval. There definitely is a bigger picture that we must understand.

How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think?


Acknowledge Your Existence As It Is

Accepting yourself as who you are is definitely not that easy as it seems. But on the bright side you can totally manage how you feel about yourself by stop worrying about what others think. Begin with listing down everything that you don’t want in yourself. Then analyze if you could actually change those things. Like for instance if you are overweight and you want to be thin and smart then try out ways to accomplish it, but if you can’t fix the things that can actually be fixed with some efforts, then you certainly don’t have a right to nag about it either. But then there are things that you can’t fix like if you are too tall you can’t become magically short. Under these circumstances learn to control and live with provided situation.


Know That No One Really Cares

We are always stuck in our webbed thoughts about what will people think of us but the truth is they are always thinking the same thing. Do you think someone would actually look up from their smart phones and tablets just to see how you are walking? The answer is no. Average population is just occupied with their own thoughts and shortcomings. Nobody actually cares enough to think about you unless you directly influence their lives. People in the modern day society are too busy concentrating on ‘’me’’ ‘’my’’ and ‘’mine’’. For example if you stumble while walking in the hallway, you might think the spectators will laugh at you and remember you as the awkward person forever. The truth is, many of them didn't even notice and if some did laugh, they would forget this incidence right away cuz they have too many things to think about.


Remember You Don’t Wake Up to Make Everyone Happy

Quit living up to people’s expectations because they won’t ever end. Even if you put your head on a silver platter for them, there is always something more that they would expect from you and in return judge you. People will continue to judge you until their last breath, because well let’s face it, that’s what they are born to do. But you can learn to stay unaffected by their judgment. Nobody would actually dump their busy schedule just to check if you are following the daily routine of pleasing them. Stick with what you truly believe. Stay true to your opinion and yourself. Sure people will disagree with you but that doesn’t mean you should change the way you are just so they would agree.


Understand Your Worth

One very important step in answering how to stop worrying about what others think is that you must pinpoint the things that are of great significance to you and what is your goal in life. The moment you realize who you actually are and what are the sets of goals that you want to accomplish, opinions of other people become less significant. Knowing your worth and value will make you take a stand for what you believe in. try to love yourself exactly like you are regardless what other have to say. This way no one will pressurize you and you will learn to say no to things that you don’t wish to do. In short understanding your worth and value will grant you extra confidence in yourself. For example, though you may be a little chubby, but understand you are nice and easygoing and are excellent in what you do!


Make A Personal Growth List

Make a list of all the things that make you uncomfortable. They may be things like insecurities, fears or something like that. Now once they are all penned down, start doing them. This will make you stop worrying about what others think. One by one take on each everything that you listed and then repeat them all over again until finally you achieve your comfort zone. Confidence doesn’t come until you confront your fears. This following poem from an anonymous poet will give you some motivation:

Believe in yourself

And in your plan

Say not I cannot,

But I can.

The prizes in life

We fail to win,

Is because we doubt

The power within.


Imagine the Outcomes If You Follow Your Heart

Sometimes thinking about what others might say even prevents us from taking actions that may turn fruitful for us. Someone somewhere would always disapprove of what you do but do not let that pin you down from your accomplishments. Like for instance sure Bill Gates would have been worried about what people would say, before launching his operating system. But did that stop him? No. and it turned him into one of the richest man on the planet. You must think about the positive aspects like you should think how your actions will pay off well regardless what others might say. You mustn’t become ruthless or selfish while doing so, just stay focused on what you actually want and how it will benefit you once you succeed.


Stop Guessing How Others Are Judging You

Sometimes reading someone’s mind actually turns out to be a total disaster. It can result in massive misunderstandings and then one thing leads to another, the next thing you know this happens and that happens. Instead of guessing what others are judging about you, you may simply ask them and see what they have to say. Do not assume on your own regarding what is going inside their heads while you carry out certain actions.


Pour Your Efforts in a Positive Cause

Try channeling your energy to a positive aspect of life and struggle to live in the present without worrying about what lays ahead. Live each second like it’s all there will be. The real acceptance that you must seek is the one that your heart grants you. The moment you feel accepted by doing things that make you stronger and happier, you will realize that other people’s acceptance hardly matters. And how can you do this? By stop worrying about what others think of you. Pick your own taste in things, explore the world and find out what suits you best.


Be Unique And Different

It’s very normal to do what others do especially if you idealize them. Like it may be a celeb or parents or anyone you simply look up to. But you often do it when you feel insecure of your own actions. Imitating others erases your true self and in the end you are left being someone else with an empty life. Feeling special will make you more confident; this can only work if you:

a) stop worrying about what others think and 

b) develop your own individuality so that you could be more like yourself and less like the ones you idealize. 


Learn to Ask for Advice From the Right Person

Don’t just barge into someone’s life compelling them to answer whatever you shoot at them. If chosen carefully, words can do so much magic than you actually think. Like for instance choose someone neutral in your social circle and instead of asking him/her about what they think about your actions, try making things more specific by asking about how you can make it all better. Because this way you will send them a signal that they are no one to judge your actions but only suggest and hand over advices that may improve them.


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