Love is one of the most special emotions one could ever experience. This is accompanied by feelings of excitement, nervousness and inner happiness that cannot be explained easily. Whatever the gender is, each and every one of us is capable of loving and deserves to be loved in return. But how can you really tell whether a man loves you or not if he never uttered the words “I love you” yet? This article will help you figure out if your boyfriend is really into you or not.

How to Tell If He Loves You

If you are in a situation where you really cannot tell if your man loves you or not, the ten signs below will tell you that he really loves you and will truly take care of you through thick and thin.

He remembers everything you say

One of the best feelings is when the person you love does not only leave whatever he is doing just to listen to you but also remembers everything you have said including the smallest details about you. This shows that he truly cares about you and he is the kind of man worth keeping. 


He anticipates your needs

You can tell that a man really loves you when he takes care of you and does things for you. For example, he knows that you are tired so he will cook dinner for you, or he knows that you are busy preparing for a big presentation tomorrow so he does the dishes for you. Small acts of thoughtfulness can really mean he cares a lot about you. 


He is proud of you

He doesn’t have to brag about you whenever he is with his friends, but simply holding your hand whenever you are in public means that he is proud that you are together. And it is a way of telling everyone out there that you are “his” and he is “yours”. This is one way on how to tell if he loves you.


He accepts his mistakes

He never plays victim and instead, he knows how to say sorry if he has to. He apologizes not because he does not want to deal with any arguments but because he respects your feelings and recognizes he does something that might have hurt your feelings. If he really likes and loves you, he will never repeat the same mistake again.


He is your knight in shining armor

A man who truly loves you will always protect you. He does not want you to be dependent on him because he knows that you are strong, but as your man, he is not afraid to confront anyone who misbehaves towards you. He believes in chivalry and will always protect the privacy of your relationship.


He is observant when it comes to you

He is a keen observer when it comes to you. He knows when you are sad because he notices your slightly forced smile; he knows when you do something naughty because he notices your unusual grin. He can easily tell when there is something different with you because he loves to look and observe you, even the new lingerie and new perfume you are wearing, he notices.


He makes you feel important

You cannot expect a man to instantly ask you for marriage just to make you feel important; this happens gradually. How to tell if he loves you? A sure sign is that he is starting to tag you along on his family affairs or his best friend’s birthday party. These are just small things that can tell his intentions for you. Examples of bigger ones are when he asks you to go with him on a romantic vacation or when he starts talking about his plans for your future together.


He thinks of you, OFTEN

You know a guy is in love with you when he always thinks about you. For example, you are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning so he sends you a text message just to ask how was your sleep and to greet you good morning. Though some men would resist doing this- because it is innate to them to show they are “strong”, there will always be times when he can’t help but show that you are his weakness and he cannot help not seeing you within the week. Love may sometimes give you a feeling of obsession, this is normal as all of us are emotionally driven beings, and because of this, how to tell if he truly loves you is easier because it shows though his actions.


He respects you

Now this is a big word. Love without respect is not love at all. A man who truly loves you will respect your femininity, your values, beliefs and most importantly your feelings. A man who really loves you will always consider your needs and wants just like the way he considers his desires. He is not only respectful to you but to your family and friends as well. He also respects your opinions not only because he wants you give your two cents but also because he believes that you are his better half and he is giving you the rights to be involved in whatever decision he needs to make.


He brings out the best in you

How to tell if he loves you? He truly loves you if he supports your life endeavors even if you need to be away for quite a while. Although he loves you so much and wants you to always be by his side, he still encourages you to continue the things you always love doing even if this means you have to be parted. This is because he believes that by letting you grow as a person, it will also benefit your relationship because you are becoming the best version of you. 


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