Jack Kornfield said, “At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?” I've got many beautiful ideas about loving someone through all those love stories no matter they end with smiles or end with tears. We must not only love our partners for who they are but also believe in their potentials. But sometimes when we are truly in love, we may be too nervous and excited to know how to treat that special someone. If you are facing this dilemma, we are here to save you all the trouble.

How to Treat Someone You Love


Never leave them wondering

If you are ready to treat someone right, don’t leave them guessing about your love. Be honest about your feelings and intentions and do not play games like hard to get or something. If you send mixed signals, they will wonder if they are on the back burner, so make your feelings clear.


Convert vulnerability into solid foundation

When your loved ones struggle about their feelings for you, you should take action to make them feel safe. Just show them you are serious about the relationship and tell them it's okay to open to love. You should also express your expectations, fears and concerns about your relationship and future so as to make you guys closer.


Give them some space

When you love someone, give them the freedom to maintain a life beyond the relationship. Just love them by letting them be themselves and being grateful for your time together.


Trust them for real

Ghosting someone is not a proper answer to how to treat someone you love. Trust your partner no matter you two are together or apart. Don't stalk on Facebook or other social media, don't call every five minutes, and don't send 10 texts in an hour. But feel free to text or call no matter who called or texted last if you genuinely miss your partner, want to know how your partner is doing and want to talk to him or her.


Plan to hang out together

If you love someone, you should not only make time to have date nights, weekend trips, or vacations together but also make plans in advance. Show your partner that you really want to see him or her and spend quality time together


Take them home to the family

When you really love someone, taking that person home to meet your family is a natural thing. You want him or her to feel as integrated into your life as possible. If your partner loves you back, he or she will love and respect your family and treat all those close to you well.


Hear what they want to say

Love is about listening and hearing. If you really want to know how to treat someone you love properly, make sure you listen to their anxieties or concerns. Let them vent their negative emotions, express their fears, help them find solutions or just be there for them.


Be open to the possibility of being hurt

When you take the leap of love, there is always a bit of a risk that the other person won’t love you back or won’t love you the same way. You open up to show that person how you feel and let him or her decide whether it ends up with an exciting yes or a big no. In this way you expose all your vulnerability, but no rose is without its thorn. Be brave and spare no effort to build a happy relationship.


Express the love you have in words

Saying it out loudly is the most popular and direct way to show someone you really love him or her. Besides the three magical words "I love you", you can also explain how you love this special person in a specific way, like "Even when you are in anger, you are still the nicest person in my life. I will never ever let you go."


Use the magical trick of touch

In all types of love, touch indicates the intention of wanting to get close. For romantic love, kissing and cuddling work the best; and for platonic love, make an effort to hug or give a loving pat when the moment is right.


Give gifts to show your love

When you are considering how to treat someone you love properly, remember words help but actions and little gifts show your thoughtfulness too. A sincere gift, no matter how big or small, will help them feel your love and help the relationship grow.


Make your love last

Remember not to just think in the moment but also see the future. Make mutual efforts to feed your love every day, so that you know where your relationship is going. Make each day exciting and happy, experience new things and plan future together.


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