Even if you have been a couple for some time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are aware of everything that can turn him on. Learning a bit of theory never hurts, especially when it’s as much about your pleasure as it’s about his. Good news is that you don’t have to wait till the next time you are in your favorite nook. On the contrary, you can start building his sexual tension long before that. Read on to learn how.

What Turns Men On

Fundamentally, learning how to turn your boyfriend on is about learning the basic impulses and instincts that guide the man. His sexual drive rests not only on physical sensations but also on his confidence and overall image in your eyes. Therefore, satisfying his personal needs for social gratification is the key to a satisfying sexual life as well. Following are a few bits of general wisdom – you may have heard it from your mom, but now it’s the right time to believe she was actually right.

Don’t be afraid to seem weak

You may want to play the role of a dangerous woman, but on the inside we all long to be protected. It gets complicated if this approach clashes with your true personality, but try to subdue the lioness in you from time to time to spare him room for protecting you.


Put his interest first

Moving on with being a fair lady worthy of protection and care, show him you respect his interests by prioritizing them over yours from time to time. It’s not only about how to turn your boyfriend on actually; the ultimate goal of this approach is to awaken his male confidence and prove you really care about his life and personal pursuits. This can include anything from letting him choose a movie to watch tonight or going with his decision over an important issue.


Use the chance to praise him

Showing him that you are proud of your man works impeccably. You can either compliment him when you are alone, or – which is even better – find the opportunity to say it publicly in your circle of friends or family. Still, try not to do it as if on purpose – being insincere always shows, so try to stay true and reward his actual achievements rather than inventing them for the sake of it.


Be the driving force

Sometimes, trying contradictory approaches helps to showcase different sides of your personality and intrigue him more. Be the one to suggest an interesting scenario for your next date, share your career successes with him, or (every little effort counts) – get on top of him next time you’re in bed. Being in a relationship with a girl who possess a strong individuality and is capable to make some ambitious steps will make him generally happier and your sexual life more fulfilling.


Have a good laugh together

It’s not all drama with growing tensions. Show him that your life together can really be easy when you laugh over a silly joke only you two can understand, or when you put on a daring fancy dress for a party, or when you occasionally share some wit with him over a dinner. Being light-hearted is a necessary condition of spicing up your sex life too – when he knows there’s not much pressure on him; it’s easier to guess how to turn your boyfriend on when he’s all relaxed.


Play dirty

Surely, turning him on is a complicated task with you having to have so many sides to your personality. However, the ability to be both vulnerable and strong, innocent and voluptuous, surrendering and demanding helps him stay alerted and enthused. One day you can wear a tana lawn dress, and the other he may suddenly spot your sex toys in your bedroom. Also, playing dirty like sending him playful texts or pictures proves you are in full command of your own sexual drive. Thinking about having such an encouraging lover is likely to make him want you more in a quest for discovering new shades of his sexual life.


Show him it’s not only sex, sex, sex

Unless it’s a one-night stand after frolicking in a night club, you are likely to set for some long-term relationships. In this case, you should be aware of the fact that it’s always a mutual effort to build up trust and respect for each other. While he may take steps towards it on his own, you can take a purely womanly path and start caring for him in the most basic way possible. Share some domestic chores, listen to him when he talks about his plans or concerns, make his everyday life a bit less daunting by cooking delicious meals, surprise him with unexpected gifts, or leave him alone when he needs some privacy.

Things to Say to Turn Your Boyfriend On

On a more practical note, to learn how to turn your boyfriend on is to learn what to say and what not to say to ruin the moment. The following is our selection of top 20 things to whisper in his ear that will instantly fire him up and make his pants tight in certain places. It’s a good practice to rehearse the phrases so that they won’t sound superficial or unnatural.
  • I wouldn’t leave your bed for hours.

  • Today I caught myself dreaming about our last night.

  • Thinking about you playing with yourself makes me weak.

  • I want to get down for you desperately.

  • I think of you any time I touch myself.

  • I wouldn’t mind spending the most of the weekend on my knees.

  • I can’t wait to stay alone with you.

  • I like it when you grab me tight.

  • Next time I’m in the shower, don’t forget to join me.

  • How about watching porn together?

  • Isn’t this skirt too short?

  • Your perfume really turns me on.

  • You’re turning me into a nymphomaniac.

  • I’ve never been so obsessed with anyone in my life.

  • I want you so much I’m gonna faint.

  • Have you ever dreamed about having a threesome?

  • I love watching you come.

  • You are going to feel glorious tonight.

  • I like it when you talk dirty.

  • I want to feel your body all over me.


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