For most of us, it’s a continuous journey of going through several frogs in the hope of finding that one prince. And after many years passing by, we are still not sure if we have found that prince or not. So we settle down with the best bet we have. If you are facing the same dilemma, you should know the qualities of a great husband. And if he has most of it, then girl, you’re luckier than 99% of wives out there.

Qualities of a Good Husband


He shows you respect

This one is obvious, but a lot of women often forget that respect IS part of the deal. If you respect him, his decisions and his life, then he has to give that respect back to you. He will never argue, humiliate, belittle or call your name in public. He will respect your lifestyle (if it doesn’t harm him or your relationship) and will NEVER raise his hands on you.


He values the work you do

After a hard day of work, many men expect their wives to understand that they had a tough day, and that they should be either left alone or their wives should cater to their needs. But guess what? Women work hard at work too. Even if she is a house wife, she works hard at home even without any pay! So if he doesn’t value the work you do and doesn’t treat you like a princess once in a while, he’s not the man for you. Instead, a good husband will acknowledge that his wife has been struggling with work, children and housework all day, and gladly offer his help to take some of her load off her shoulders.


He supports your career

Why shouldn’t he? You support his career, right? Besides, taking care of the house or the child is both spouses’ responsibility, especially if the wife is a working woman. In today’s day and age, even though we chant that women have equal rights, the reality is that a lot of men would simply want their wives to stay at home and look after the child. So keep an eye out for such qualities of a good husband, especially if you’re a career-oriented woman.


He is likeable

Arrogance, ego, irritability, dishonesty, a sharp tongue, stubborn, sexist.... the list of negative qualities a man shouldn’t have is endless. So we’ll simply say the opposite that his nature and personality should be likeable.


He is protective but not possessive

Possessiveness is a quality displayed by boys. Protectiveness is a quality displayed by men. Need I say more?


He isn’t a mamma’s boy

I mean sure, respecting and having a healthy relationship with his mum is one thing. But wrapping himself around her finger and always following her lead are not things that a man should be doing. More so because such a lack of a spine and strong will is sure to bring cracks in your marriage at one point of time or the other.


He should be honest, but not brutally honest

Honesty is the best policy, sure. But nobody says anything about being brutally honest. So you’ve put on weight and he pointed out to you. Now there are two ways of saying it:

  • “Hun, you’ve gained a few pounds. How about we hit the gym together? I will lose some weights too!”

  • “Sarah, you’re a fat girl now. Go to the gym and lose some weight, for crying out loud.”

See what I mean?


He shows you affection

Not every day, obviously. That’s just not practically possible. Showing you affection can be in public or it can be in private – depending on how comfortable he is with displays of affection. Either way, women love being showered with attention by their husbands, be it after 2 years of marriage or 20. So if he’s making efforts throughout your marriage without you having to ask him, then he’s displaying one of the best qualities of a good husband.


He communicates with you

Communication is the key to a solid marriage. Hearing each other out when nobody else will, sorting out the issues that you face with others and each other, senseless banter or being the one shoulder you need to cry on – whatever form of communication he chooses between you two, know that he’s putting an effort into the relationship. Use this as encouragement to open up to him more and you’ll soon realize how communication strengthens your relationship.


He respects the vows

This includes loving you, being loyal, having a sense of duty and staying by your side through thick and thin, come no matter what.


He should be able to say sorry

Only when he’s wrong, of course. Never be the type of wife who expects his man to apologise even when he’s not at fault! Saying “sorry” shows that he puts your welfare and your relationship before his own ego, which, for men, is a very, very good quality.


He makes you laugh

Wow. Do I really even need to explain this one? Come on ladies! A man that can’t make you laugh isn’t really the right one for you.

Have anything else to add to the qualities of a good husband? Let us know in the comments below!


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