You and your guy are really good and you two are each other's close friend, but your relationship just would not level up because your relationship feels more like friendship and your man seems comfortable with this. Is this normal? Will you stay with your relationship or just let it go? Before you decide on anything, finish this article first. 

Relationship Feels Like Friendship: Is It Normal?

Those in love can display their love in various forms, like passionate lovers, companies fighting their forward, best friends always backing each other up, and carers looking after each other whenever necessary... So, friendship is part of any relationship, but if relationship feels more like friendship, there may be something wrong.

According to old couples, the secret to their lasting marriage is that they married their best friend so that when they feel that love has left their relationship, they still have their best friend with them. But passion is important especially during the early stages of the relationship, because from time to time couples need to feel the desire of having their intimate moments and having the desire to possess one another. 

When there is lack of intimacy and this possessive feeling, breaking up is almost on their reach. With a more friendship like relationship, this lack will surely happen and the relationship is at high risk of falling apart.

Why Does Relationship Feel More Like Friendship?


Your relationship has hit the plateau

Maybe you are just waiting for your boyfriend to do something to revive the sparks of your relationship, but he feels the same way or he is contented to what you have right now. When your relationship feels like friendship, most probably you are in a plateau and if the two of you don’t do anything to go back to the romantic level, there is a big chance that you are stuck and there is no way your relationship is still going to work.


Different wants and needs

Your guy might want you as his girlfriend, but you are more comfortable to being just friends. When this happens, there is a mismatch on you and your partner’s needs and wants, a romantic relationship will definitely not work in this kind of scenario.


Lack of attraction

Every relationship requires attraction, intimacy and commitment, if one is missing among these three, the relationship will most likely fail. Attraction is the initial ingredient needed for every romantic affair, when this primary component is lacking, the relationship is not meant for romance, but for friendship.

How to Fix a Relationship Feeling Like a Friendship?


Talk to him clearly

It is very important to communicate with your boyfriend clearly. Instead of telling him to be more affectionate, tell him clearly how you want him to treat you. For example, tell him that you want him to hold your hands more often, hug you more often or kiss you more often.


Go out on dates with other couples

There are studies that say going out on a date with other couples you are already close to will help fix a “relationship feels like friendship” dilemma. Researchers say that couples who go on double dates help them have a new perspective about their partners and help them bring back the spark to their relationship.


Do some thrilling outdoor activities

When couples start to feel like their relationship is already on the friendship level, one of the best things to do is to relive the romance they once had. Some outdoor activities they could do include having picnic together, going hiking, shopping at antique stores, riding bikes, visiting a theater, museum or gallery, etc.


Enjoy a romantic dinner

The plateau stage will always be a part of every relationship. When couples think that their relationship is already there, some suggested things that they can do is to re-evaluate their relationship about why it comes to that point, and once they have figured it out, steps must be taken to save the relationship. An example is to have a romantic dinner where the two of them need to dress up well, and this will revive the spark that they once had. After the meal, you two can cuddle and watch romantic movies to level up your relationship.


Kiss slowly

Never underestimate the power of a simple yet passionate kiss. According to studies, women will feel the sincerity of her man with a passionate kiss. Couples who kiss a lot are proven to be more committed and affectionate to each other. So if couples feel that their relationship feels like friendship, one of the best things to do is to give out that inexpensive but powerful kiss.


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