So you’ve finally managed to zero in down to one man, but now you’re confused about how he feels about you. Maybe it’s because he’s giving you mixed signals, or maybe it’s because you suck at reading hints. Either way, you want to know whether or not he likes you. So what should you do? Believe it or not, there are some very clear cut signs he does not like you that much, and if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry. I have your back!

Signs He's Not Into You

But please keep in mind that one or two signs by themselves may not necessarily show disinterest – there could be other reasons for those behaviors. But if he checks 90% of the points mentioned below, you should take the hint!

He needs constant attention from you

It was cute in the beginning, how he'd always ask you if he was looking good, if his shoes matched with his clothes or what he should do when his friend betrayed him. But if you find that all he’s doing is craving attention from you, you must think if you’re just another source of validation for him, a professional attention seeking whore. Because if that’s the case, he’s not looking for anything emotional from you. And even if he does, it’s minimal at best.


There’s sporadic contact between you two

Of course, we understand he may be busy or preoccupied, but if you’re so buddy, then what are you doing making yourself available to date, buddy? Not to mention the fact that you initiate all contact. And if you don’t, he won’t ever message you. What a dick. This is one of the most obvious signs he's not into you, so don’t ignore it.


Dates always end up in sex

This one is a big red flag. This is because he may view you as nothing more than an outlet to vent his sexual frustration or desires. Sure, he may seem very charming and lovable during your dates and even in the bed, but if all you do is have dinner and then have sex, exactly what are you guys doing? Because that sure as hell isn’t dating. And he sure as hell has no feelings for you.


There are only drunk or late night calls

A majority or all of the calls that you’ve received from him have always been after 11 pm, and in quite a few of them, he’s been drunk. That’s because he’s looking to have sex ONLY, and he knows that you’ll willingly oblige because of your feelings for him. And of course, he blames it all on the alcohol the next day, which makes you forgive him and the cycle continues endlessly.


He takes too long to set up dates

This is the same as rarely texting you. He’s always busy or out of city because of work, or tells you that "I’ll let you know." but never gets back to you. The thing is that if he wants to, he will make time for you. Stop making excuses for him, because…


He never talks about his day

That’s because he doesn’t wanna open up to you. Why? Because a) he thinks you’re not worth his time or b) he doesn't want to be bothered. Plus, why would you even want to be in a relationship with a guy you know nothing about? Also keep in mind the following red flags: he never talks about his friends or family, he never introduces you to his friends and family, or you don’t even know where he works or what he does.


He never asks about your day

This is one of those very simple signs he's not into you. He doesn’t ask about you, your day, your work or your life because he doesn’t care about you. How could you not understand this?


He’s too spontaneous

Now sure, which girl doesn’t like being surprised at her office where her guy sweeps her off her feet to take her away on a romantic date? But if this swooping and surprising happens too often, so much so that every time you hang out is because he surprises you, beware. In all likelihood, his plans may get cancelled and he uses you as his backup plan to have some fun. Because, you know, you’ve made it very obvious that you’re always willing to hang out with him.


He’s a pro at excuses

And when you do confront him about standing you up, not replying to your texts or never bothering to set up a date, he comes up with the most elaborate excuses. But if all of his excuses involve being out of town, work, or some long lost relative, then know that he's not into you.


He always cancels plans at the last minute

Well, since you’re his backup, it means he has better things to do and with people he actually enjoys hanging out. So if at the last moment one of his babes says she has time to hang out with your guy, he will bail out on you. Sure, you can tell yourself that there may be really an emergency, but exactly how many emergencies can a man have in the span of a few weeks?


You’re having doubts

The very fact that you google for "signs he's not into you" and stumble upon this article means that somewhere in your mind, you’re having doubts. Now, why would you have even the slightest doubt if you are convinced he likes you? Food for thought.


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