Being used is no fun. In fact it can be very demoralizing, once you realize someone you care about doesn’t feel the same for you and all they’re doing is using you. Some women do the cruelest things to guys by taking advantage of their soft spot for them. The woman will use the guy to do odd jobs as she keeps him hanging while offering nothing in return apart from empty words. How do you tell whether a woman genuinely loves you or is just using you?

Signs She Is Using You


She’s In It for the Association

If you’re a celebrity or you’re friends with one, if you get to hang out with cool people, or if you are always getting invited to exclusive parties and events, then there is a chance that she’s into you for the wrong reasons. One way to find out if she’s actually into you is to stay away from the celebrity life for some time. Stay at home for a month and see whether she’ll keep hanging around. If she disappears, then she is using you.


You Never Meet Her Friends or Family

Have you been dating for a few months now and haven’t met any of her friends or family? Bingo! You’re being used. She doesn’t see you in her future plans. If she was genuine, she’d want to show you off to her close friends and family. Get out while you still can.


She Only Talks About Work

If your girlfriend only calls you during work hours and is constantly on your neck with work-related questions, then you might just be her ladder to career success. If she keeps mentioning the word "promotion" in the middle of sex, then it is clear she’s only interested in sleeping her way to the top.


She Only Calls at Odd Hours

If she only calls you after 10pm and she’s usually unavailable at any other time of the day, she’s probably playing you. You are probably only her booty call. If she avoids questions about your relationship and always leaves your house in the middle of the night, run from it for this is one of the definite signs she is using you.


She Has No Interest in Your Friends

If she’s constantly avoiding situations where she’ll meet your friends, then she’s no good. If she can’t bear to be in the presence of the people you spend most of your time with, then she’s clearly not interested in being part of your life long-term.


She’s Always Hooking Up With Your Friend

If she spends too much time with one of your friends, you need to bolt. If she wakes up after a night out with a hangover and says “nice to see you again Tom”, you should start getting suspicious. If after that she calls you Tom by mistake, and you notice they call each other too often, then you need to start weighing your options.


She Never Pays for Anything

If you’re always the one left holding the bill after a date or a night out, you should start questioning her intentions. While it’s good to take care of your girl, she should chip in once in a while. Try and get her to take you out and cover the bill. If she dodges, then she’s probably not the right person for you.


She’s Obsessed With Your Income

She’s always asking how much money you make. She has a never ending list of things you need to buy for her. She lives lavishly at your expense while she never contributes anything. This is a girl who is only interested in fulfilling her fancies and whims. These are signs she is using you.


She’s All About Her

She’s always making demand on you irrespective of how ridiculous or inconvenient her demands might be. She keeps throwing her weight around and even goes off on you if you fail to pander to her whims. She has you wrapped around her finger and she’ll take advantage for as long as you allow her.


She’s Always Venting

If she is always talking about her problems and what’s happening in her life but doesn’t give a hoot about what’s happening in yours, that’s a red flag. She may keep brushing you off with statements like “it’s no big deal”, or “let’s talk about something else”. She could be using you as a free shrink. This is one of the obvious signs she is using you.


She Constantly Needs Space

Is your girlfriend the type that is clingy for a brief period and then disappears for weeks on end? Every time she pulls this stunt, you can’t seem to get your mind off her. You are practically obsessed about her. But she probably has another boyfriend and you don’t rank so highly in her life.


You’re Not the Only One

This is one of those delusive signs she is using you and you can be easily tricked. You’ve probably been in one of those relationships where you two met when the girl was in another “unhappy” relationship, but she doesn’t quite get round to leaving the guy. She keeps telling you she wants to be with you and will leave the other guy for you. Only it never happens. You’re being played like a fool. 


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