It’s never fun when you’re wondering about whether or not she wants to break up with you. All those months/years that you spent together, all those memories, those emotions..... all of them make it impossible for you to even grasp the concept of a breakup, leave alone letting her go. Even so, it is best not to be blindsided when she does drop this bomb on you. So we’ve compiled a list of signs a girl wants to break up. Go through them and see if your girlfriend has made up her mind to dump you.

Signs She Wants to Break Up

Keep in mind that one or two signs on their own do not indicate a breakup – they may throw light on a different emotional turmoil that your GF is going through.

Reduced sex

One of the most obvious signs of trouble is when a couple has less and less sex with every passing month. Have you noticed how she’s always on her period or always has a “hard day” or a “headache” when you suggest having sex? Well the reason may be because she’s no longer attracted to you and is contemplating leaving you.


More irritable than usual

She’s frustrated with you or with the failing relationship, and this frustration has to come out somewhere. Unfortunately, you’re the guinea pig here and all her frustrations are vented out on you. You two fight more because she gets so easily irritated at the smallest of things that you do or don’t do. It seems like you’re always walking on eggshells because you don’t know what will set her off.


Quieter or more distant than usual

While some women like to take their frustrations out, others prefer penting up their emotions until they finally burst out like a hot lava flowing volcano. Or worse, not caring about what happens to you or the relationship. So if you notice that she’s stopped being annoyed about you leaving the seat up or not paying the electric bill, be careful. She’s showing clear signs she wants to break up. Because in her mind, it’s better to shut up and deal with it all internally than to have loud arguments that lead nowhere. Or because she has stopped caring.


Not caring about your days

You don't ask about each other's days, or at least she doesn’t. And this is unusual for her because she always is the first person to ask you how your day went, how your boss behaved with you or whether or not you got that promotion you desperately wanted. She asks because she cares, and if she stops asking, she stops caring. Or she stops discussing her day to day activities with you because she no longer feels emotionally connected enough with you to make you part of her life.


No interest in meeting your friends or family

Whenever there are functions or parties involving family and close friends, she always manages to find one excuse after the other to not attend the event. Because why bother socializing with people she won’t be having in her future, right?


Conversations turning dry

Admit it. You’ve always had this inkling at the back of your head for the past weeks that something is off. Your conversations are boring and distant. There’s no emotion when you two talk to each other, no excitement, happiness, laughter, joy, sadness or even pain. She no longer makes fun of the stupid manner in which you eat your spaghetti, and it’s been months that you’ve actually seen her smiling at the stupid things you do at the dinner table.


No time to be with you

She spends less time with you and more with her friends. Spending less and less time with the man she once proclaimed that she could not live a second without is definitely one of the more important signs she wants to break up.

The reason for this can be that she doesn’t want to see as much of you. But it could also mean that since she has a lot on her mind, she needs people to vent and her friends are the ones she can trust. Or maybe, she hangs out with them because she feels happy when surrounded by the people she love, a feeling she does not get when she’s with you.


Working more

If she’s a career-oriented woman, she will find solace in her work. She will take up more and more projects because she doesn’t want to come home and deal with the mess that your relationship has become. And who knows, she might be heading out to bars with her colleagues after work. In which case, be vigilant if she starts…


Dressing differently

And by “differently” I mean better. Her wardrobe has undergone a change, or she’s joined the gym, colored her hair and has never looked better than before. Before feeling happy about the changes that she’s making in her life, know that such drastic changes are usually fuelled by something very important – a man. Of course it’s much possible that she’s dressing well to feel better, but better safe than sorry, right?


Drinking a lot lately

Sometimes women take the comfort of alcohol when unable to manage all their emotions. Be vigilant if she has made drinking her new bestie lately.


You’re reading this article

A man who’s happy in his relationship will never search the internet for such articles. The very fact that you not only searched for “signs she wants to break up” but are sitting here reading this article through is because in the back of your mind, you had already known for a while that things are off.


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