It is widely thought and commonly accepted that women at any stage of life tend to act in a strange manner, or at least from the eyes of men. "What are you doing and why would anyone do that?" is a question often addressed to a female, and often followed by disbelief in the tone of the person who asks this question. You've probably witnessed weird scenes when girls are being all dramatic with no particular reasons. And this article aims to list some of the weird things girls might do in certain scenarios. But please understand that this article is simply a take on a proportion of girls out there, so don't apply these weird things to all girls you come across!

Weird Things Girls Do

If you're looking for a list of the weirdest and craziest things girls do, stuff that will make you laugh your head off, then this article may be exactly what you need. Go on, read ahead.

“Am I Hungry…Or not?”

One of the weird things girls do is when they just can't decide whether they want to eat or not because they aren’t sure if they’re hungry. Boys would usually react to that by saying "Come on, food is one of the basic human needs, along with breathing and sleeping. How can you not know whether you're hungry or not?" Well, no offense guys, but sometimes girls can't simply determine whether their body is craving for food or their mind is, or if they are just having those awful period cramps that are exaggerating their cravings.


“What Do I Eat?”

And when you've finally succeeded in making her understand that she is actually hungry (and that potential period problem had nothing to do with it), you are likely to face another issue – she has no clue on what she wants to eat! Be patient with her if that occurs – you will somehow lure her into figuring out whether she'd like a salad or a greasy hamburger! Besides, the torment may not be over when the girl finally chooses the dish she is eager to eat. Deciding on whether the girl wants to go to a restaurant or simply buy something to eat at home is the issue that may arise next.


Shopping Frenzies

It is a commonly accepted fact that women love shopping. There's nothing weird about it, really, and men do it as well. But since it is among the weird things girls do, shopping is definitely not that simple, but is something that may be called a shopping frenzy, a phenomenon that can literally make a girl go crazy shopping with stuff that she’ll never need. If you notice such behavior, do not interrupt her while she's within the grip of this craze. You will only rattle her.


Washing Already Clean Hair

If you're a girl, you might have at least once sensed an inexplicable eagerness to wash your hair, although it is completely clean, maybe even freshly washed no earlier than the day before. And you’d still go ahead and wash your hair because why not. They can't resist it. Mostly, washing hair even if it's not needed may help girls boost their confidence.


All That Drama

Any of us must have witnessed at least once in a lifetime, a girl yelling loudly at someone, and looking all furious, unnerved and even scary. And she may be acting like that for no particular reason at all! That's because girls are sometimes afraid that their relationships will get monotonous if they don't add a pinch of drama in them from time to time, or maybe because they just like the attention. Appearing nervous and offended for no particular reason just to maintain a dynamic relationship is also one of the weird things girls do.


Playing With Their Own Boobs

It is widely known that men like playing with their girlfriends’ or wives’ boobs, without even paying attention to the size of their "toys". But, the same men tend to get surprised and confused when they find out girls doing exactly the same thing – with her own pair of boobs! Dear guys, girls like their "girls" the same as you do, and they also find them precious and entertaining.


Coordinating Colors

Women are often said to be able to recognize a wider palette of colors than men are. That may not always be the case, since every rule has some exceptions. But, it often happens that a girl has an urge to match the color of her makeup or her nail polish with literally any object that comes into her hands. In fact, one girl once admitted that she is completely unable to study and gets irritated if her colored pencils and markers don't match the color of her nail polish.


Alternating Moments of Joy and Sorrow

Did it happen to you that you see a woman putting certain written content on her lap and starting to cry? And what was she reading? A cheese cake recipe! One of the weird things girls do is when they start to cry for absolutely no reason. And then, as soon as the reservoir of sorrow is emptied, they abruptly start laughing like crazy. Boys watching all that have no clue on what's going on with the girl. If you start suspecting that the girl who alternately laughs and cries is having a nervous breakdown, don't get too concerned. It is normal for girls to have mood swings, especially if they are not on their period or PMS.


Carrying Bottomless Purses

This is a very common scene – you see a girl standing on the street, trying desperately to fish out a particular item from the bottom of her bag, just to realize it actually fell between an unread book and a huge box of tissues. And why would anyone need a box with a hundred tissues if she was only going for a short walk in the park nearby? Many of us won't come up with an answer, but the truth is that girls tend to stuff their bags with stuff they won't even use while being outside of their homes. But we still keep them as a “just in case” sort of thing


Guess What Is on My Mind

Apart from creating dramatic situations and being eager to make their boyfriends jealous to see their reactions, girls also enjoy saying things that they don't mean. For example, if a girl is upset, she'll try to persuade you she's all right. But, don't let yourself be lured into that trap – she's actually testing if you will be able to guess that she needs your help and attention. Bear all these weird things girls do in mind, especially the last one, because you will come across them in real life.


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