Love. It’s a BIG word. It has so many meanings. To love and be loved in return is the best feeling in the world. Love, as they say, is what makes the world go around, because it inspires, motivates and makes people happy. But love can also tear people apart. Love can do a lot of things in a person’s life, but what does it really mean to love someone?

What Does It Mean to Love Someone?


Loving someone means supporting the other person through thick and thin. Even if you may disagree at first, you will only give your opinions on the situation and support your partner’s decision no matter what that is.


Loving someone means making time for him/her. No matter how busy you are, you never forget to ask how his or her day went, express how much you miss him or her and do the small things to show that you care. 


Loving someone means determination and dedication. Uncommitted love is not true love. What does it mean to love someone? It means that you will stick with your partner through the good and bad, and that you only have your eyes for him/her, not looking for other “options”.


Loving someone means being in love with yourself too. Self-esteem is very important in every relationship. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have.


Loving someone means getting furious when you feel that your relationship is threatened. It means fighting for the one you love. As the saying goes, love is much like a rose, gentle and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.


Loving someone means smiling even if things aren’t going well. It means being able to stay positive even if you had a bad day at work because, deep inside you, you are happy.


Loving someone means peace of mind. You both trust each other even if you are not always together. What does it mean to love someone? It means make your partner feel secure, and offer the assurance that he/she will always be someone special to you no matter what the circumstances are.


Loving someone means being loyal and accepting the person for who he/she is. Some days will be just fine, but some will be horrible which may even force one to be the worst self. Besides, even the gentlest soul has its quirks. You should accept his or her flaws and weaknesses the same way you love his strengths


Love is not all about happy moments, it is also about heartaches. Sometimes, you have to accept the reality that it just wouldn’t work, and that he/she can’t love you the same way that you do. It also means you have to take chances and let go even if you don’t want to. Love entails learning -- the hard way.


What does it mean to love someone? It means thinking of him or her before you sleep at night and after you wake up every morning. He or she is the one you eagerly want to tell when something happens, good or bad.


Loving someone means you can’t picture a life without him. You can’t imagine walking down the aisle and having kids if he is not the one beside you.


Loving someone means wanting to be in his arms when something stressful happens or if there is something that needs to be fixed. And he is the first one you call before seeking professional help.


Loving someone means you can hardly sleep without that special person. You want to sleep and wake up with him in the same bed; if he is not beside you, you cannot easily fall asleep.


What does it mean to love someone? True love means you are willing to sacrifice a big part of your life just to make him happy.


Loving someone means you not only want to have a connection with him, but also want a special moment with him, something that only the two of you will share and understand. 


No matter where you are, as long as you are with him, you feel relaxed and totally at ease like you are at home.


Loving someone means as much as you want your partner to be there for you, you also have that strong will to be there when you know he or she needs someone to listen and to lend a hand. You always want to be there to show care and comfort.


What does it mean to love someone? It means to make compromise. No one is perfect. When facing trials, you two are willing to listen and adjust accordingly to make things work.


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