What makes you love a person? Well, I’ll tell you what isn’t love – liking her for her money or “loving” him for his body. These are all superficial aspects which you eventually grow tired of. What will you do when she’s not rich or he’s not handsome? Love perseveres even though such “tough” times. So if you really want to know what makes you love a him or her, keep reading on:

12 Reasons That You Like a Person


No unreasonable expectations

If he encourages you to do your best and focus on your career - that’s great. It’s a reasonable expectation that makes you want to be your best version.

If he pushes you to make more money so that the two of you can have a more secure future, all the while doing nothing but wasting his time playing video games – that’s bad. It’s an unreasonable demand that pushes you to become more and more stressed when you can’t achieve what he wants.

Know the difference between the two!