Most dudes find first dates quite difficult to handle. What do I tell her? How do I behave? Friends usually don't come through either. They often give general answers instead of being specific. Here are some tips on what to do exactly on a first date.

What to Do on a First Date As a Guy


Put on a smile

It doesn't matter if you are nervous or afraid. Just make sure you smile on arrival. Women are naturally intuitive, so they respond well to a positive environment. But don't overdo a fake smile. It will look weird.


Notice your body language

You look like you are hiding something if you sit with your hand over your mouth or with your legs crossed. On the other hand, you give a "don't care" impression with your hands over your head and your legs spread out. Sit up, ensure your hands are visible and lean close.


Flatter her

Are you unsure of what to do on a first date? Words like “pretty” “beautiful”, “attractive” will come a long way. They make a girl happy. However, don't go overvoard with the flattery.


Ask a few questions

Wondering what to do on a first date? Ask questions. Yes. This is a plus, yet not many men do it! Apart from kittens, flowers and gifts, women also like attention. A woman will most likely have a good impression of and like a man who seems curious to know more about her.


Listen keenly

You cannot just ask questions continuously without listening to the answers. It is a date for you, but a test on the woman’s part. You have to remember the details she told you about herself prior to the date. Lest she gets emotional and leaves because you forgot.


Act right

How you portray yourself really matters. Keep your insecurities and craziness aside for a while. Just be confident, happy, ambitious and involved on your first date.


Pawing is a no go!

Be very careful with physical contact. An occasional light touch is fine provided you keep off the red light zones. A girl will make the move if she wants your hands on her, so just don’t initiate it.


Settle the bill

You should take care of the bill. No doubt. Refuse any sharing offers, she does not mean it. Trust me!


Always say goodnight

Saying goodnight must appear on the list of what to do on a first date. A handshake, a kiss, a hug, whatever--do something. Whatever you decide to do, do it right. It could be the qualifier for a second date.

What to Do on a First Date As a Girl


Do not suggest a movie

Do not even think of suggesting a movie. Save that for later when you have known each other and have nothing to talk about any more. The first date is an opportunity to interact and a movie will definitely hamper any efforts to know him and vice versa.


Coffee works

In case of a blind date, a short session works best, usually less than half an hour. It gives you a chance to assess the guy and decide whether you want to prolong the date and have drinks and dinner together. You are also free to leave if he is some sort of douche bag!


Enjoy the food

Are you thinking of what to do on a first date? Enjoy the food unless it is really bad that you cannot hide it. Men really hate it when they are enjoying the food alone while the ladies only take just a few bites.


Keep off the phone

This applies mostly to younger women. Having a conversation with someone who is constantly gazing at the phone is very annoying. It is in fact rude. Be part of the conversation, listen and contribute.


Engage in it

There are usually only two people on a date. Keep it that way. Talk about yourself and avoid stories about other people as much as possible. This can be very irritating. After all, the reason for the date is to get to know each other.


Be honest

It is important to be straight forward from the beginning just in case it gets serious. Let him know the real you including any bad habits. He should know what he could be getting into.


Reject gently

If you're not into him, look for a polite way to put him off. You do not have to be rude or cold. You could as well friendzone him if he insists. Coin stories to put him off slowly.


Be careful

This is a date--you are not hanging out with friends. Have limits. Do not go drinking until you black out. First impressions are everything. You could lose a potential guy just like that!


Playing hard-to-get is okay

Here is another important tip on what to do on a first date. Keep the chase going for guys love it. Do not give in too early. Let him work for it.


Have fun

There is nothing like love at first sight, you must build it over time. Enjoy each other’s company and the rest will fall in place. Do not behave like you have better things to do.


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