Falling in love is an amazing experience. Love is often magical and memorable when it’s right. However, it can also bring heartache. When you can't feel love and when things become bitter and bitter, you might have thoughts of leaving this once sweet relationship. But you’re really not sure whether it’s the right move. If you’re wondering when to give up on a relationship, here are some signs to look out for.

When to Give Up on a Relationship


When You Live in the Past

If you have to go back into the past to recall happy moments in your relationship, then it is time for you to re-evaluate your relationship. The truth is your relationship is no longer what it used to be and you don’t want to let go just because you are hoping that things can go back to those happy days. But it won't in most cases.


When You’re Always Fighting

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being in a relationship and forget that you’re supposed to be happy. If your relationship is causing you untold pain and you’re always fighting with your significant other, then it might be time to call it quits. Such a relationship will tear you down and make you miserable and unproductive. While there might be moments of happiness once in a while, do not stick around.


When Your Partner Puts No Effort in the Relationship

A relationship takes time and effort to blossom into something beautiful. You have to make a deliberate effort to build a relationship that works for the both of you. If you realize that you are the only one putting in some efforts into the relationship, you might want to re-evaluate the relationship. If your partner doesn’t make time for you or doesn’t go out of their way to do nice things for you, you might end up resenting him or her.


When You Have to Convince Yourself to Stay

Wondering when to give up on a relationship? If you wake up every day with a forced smile on your face trying to convince yourself you’re in a loving relationship, it’s time to walk away. You can only fool yourself for so long. Soon enough the cracks will start to appear as you get bored by putting up a façade. Love should come naturally and you shouldn’t have to convince yourself that you’re in love with the person.


When It Becomes Conditional

Love should be unconditional and devoid of manipulation. If you always have to work hard to get affection, approval, loyalty and love from your partner, you'd better get out of the relationship. Love should be given freely without being required to compromise or do something in return. You should be free to be yourself even though you’re in a relationship. Do not bend to their every whim and preference for the sake of keeping them.


When Your Beliefs and Values Differ

For any relationship to work, you have to have some things in common. The key among them is your fundamental values and beliefs. For example, it would be easier to get along with your significant other if you had the same religious beliefs. During tough times, these values and beliefs will help hold the relationship together. If you have different core values, the relationship can become a burden on the both of you because you’ll be expected to compromise on what you believe in.


When You’re Stuck

If you are both not growing as a couple, then it is best to call it quits. A healthy relationship enables both partners to grow and get better. If you feel stifled and stuck in your career or life because of your relationship, then you might want to call off the relationship. You should be free to grow and experience life unabatedly when you’re in a relationship.


When There Is No Sex

Have you stopped having sex? Sex is a key part of any relationship. When you stop having sex with your partner, it is a sign that boredom has set in or that you’re no longer interested in each other. You can either try to reignite the spark you once had or end the relationship. Lack of sex might lead one of the partners to cheating. This is definitely when to give up on a relationship.


When Your Partner Expects You to Change

If your significant other keeps nagging you about changing certain aspects of your personality, then you might want to end the relationship. Your partner shouldn’t be expecting you to change unless it’s for your own good. If your partner is often complaining about your dress code, your speech, your manner or weight, he or she might not be comfortable hanging out with you.


When You Are Not on the Same Page

There are times when one partner is interested in a more committed relationship while the other is not. If you find that you want something more from the relationship and your partner is unwilling to give it to you, you are not on the same page emotionally. If you plan to buy a house and settle down while your partner only cares about traveling and enjoying the beach view and the fancy hotel room, then you are not on the same page financially and in the view of the future. This is a good reason to leave. Staying and expecting things to get better won’t work. You will only end up disappointed.


When You Keep Justifying Their Actions

As a couple, you should be comfortable with each other's presence. But if discomfort sets in when facing your partner, you should give your relationship some serious thoughts. In general, when this happens, you will try hard to find excuses to explain away the uncomfortable feeling. But if you find that you are always making excuses for your partner for doing things that you find offensive, then you are in the wrong relationship. That's when to give up on a relationship.


When You Can’t See a Future with Your Partner in It

A couple will often make plans together especially if they’re in a serious relationship. They are excited about the future and are looking forward to their life together. If you notice that you’re not including your significant other in your short-term or long-term plans, you might want to figure out if you want to stay in the relationship. More often than not, such relationships do not work out.


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