Sometimes, even when things are going great and you think it will get better and better, it gets worse. BOOM! He starts to ignore you. But why? Was it something you said, something you did or something you didn’t do? Well, there’s no point in scratching your head about it, is there? We have made a lot of researches and here are the results you can refer to.

Why Does He Ignore Me?

The following list involves reasons for guys in a relationship, as well as guys who aren't yet starting dating others. And know that the reasons vary from downright stupid to downright serious.

He likes you

I don’t even know why guys do this. If you like her, go ahead and tell her. Or in the least, behave normally with her like you would have before you developed feelings for her. Cutting her off like this does neither of you any good. Aren't this stupid?


He isn’t sure about your feelings

He likes you and he has no reasons not to confess his feelings for you... except that he isn’t 100% sure about what you feel about him. He’s insecure and afraid of rejection, most probably thinking that you’re gonna reject him because he isn’t good enough for you.


He did confess his feelings....

But you either ignored what he said or laughed away his confessions. Both of which are complete bitch moves. Well, what did you expect was going to happen? That things will be back to normal again? Guess again. Your apathy costs you a very good friend. The best thing to do is to approach him, apologise for your actions and try to repair your relationship with him. Don’t just sit inside a dark room and wonder by yourself, "Why does he ignore me?" It’s not going to do you any good.


He’s jealous/insecure

The reasons can be varied, like maybe a new guy in your office whom you can’t stop raving about, or you spending more and more time with your girlfriends. Men do get jealous, and they get jealous a lot. The only solution in such a case would be to give your man more of your time and attention that he deserves. If possible, introduce him to your friends and have a group date, or introduce him to the guy at the office so that he finally can stop feeling insecure.


His friends are influencing him

Men take their friendships seriously. So he’s been spending more time with his friends and less with you, and on top of that, he starts to ignore you. Then you have your answer. His friends are the ones who are influencing his feelings for you. Maybe they want him to date someone they like, or maybe they simply don’t like you, or perhaps they feel he can do much better. Irrespective of the reasons, his friends can be a major factor as to why he’s ignoring you.


He has something to hide

Sure, privacy is one thing and we must respect each other’s space. But if you’ve been in a relationship with him for long and he begins ignoring you recently, it might most probably be because he has a secret. And he feels the more he talks to you, the more it will slip out of him. Or maybe because he’s ashamed or afraid of something he did and feels too guilty to discuss it with you. So the most direct way of knowing the answer to the question, "Why does he ignore me?" is to simply confront him.


He’s a shy guy

Kinda obvious, but needed to be said.


You embarrassed him at some point

It was most probably at a family or office function, where you were invited as his +1. And what did you do? Get drunk and make a complete fool of yourself. He might be finding it very difficult to forgive you because of the immature manner in which you behaved, and rightly so. He deserves to be angry. Not only did you make yourself the laughingstock of the group, you embarrassed him as well. There’s only so much humiliation a man can take, honey.


He’s upset/worried

Yes, guys do tend to shut out their emotions from their better half in times of trouble. A stupid thing to do, of course because for couples it’s always best to share, communicate and get understood and support. But doing that makes a man less manly, you know in man's mind. So he’s doing the second best thing and that is to protect you from his problems, by completely ignoring you. Because the more you talk to him, the more are his chances of opening up to you. Just show your support and give him some time and space to sort things out. He will be normal after that.


He gets misguided advice

"Why does he ignore me?" Well because he is a male creature.

Men always believe that they are right, and when they do doubt themselves, then instead of asking advice from experienced people or professionals, they turn to the internet to get the answers to their problems. Which is not wrong, but the internet has tooooooooo many “love gurus” and many of them are given by people with little to no knowledge about how to handle women.

The most common misconception and wrong advice floating around is that ignoring a girl you like is a good way to seduce her. They are mistaking cause and effect. Erm, okay. Sure, go ahead. And let me know how making a woman feel like dirt works out for you.


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