A lot of girls keep asking this question, why is he ignoring me? Though it isn't a nice thing for a guy to ignore a girl, but the fact remains that there are very obvious reasons why he ignores you. If you discover that your boyfriend suddenly starts ignoring you, what comes to your mind as the possible reasons? Does he feel pressured? Is he probably fed up with your incessant nagging habit? To help you answer this question, below are some possible reasons why he has chosen to ignore you.

Why Is He Ignoring Me? 10 Most Possible Reasons You Need to Know!


He might probably be thinking about something.

It is a well-known fact globally that men do not like telling their women how they feel. Men are like closed volume of books. They are like a vault filled with bottled emotions with the key flung into the deep blue sea. This is one of the major reasons why your man will not come to you when something is bothering him.

The reason could be related to family, friends or work. With such heavy worries on their mind, they focus all their attention on solving those problems, thereby ignoring everyone around them, including you. Whenever you feel he has something on his mind, just ask him. This may be all you need to put both your mind and his at rest.


He wants breathing space.

Men can be like that young athletic person taking a break after a strenuous marathon or exercise.

They need some breathing space from time to time. If you are in the habit of stalking him all through the day, chatting him up on all social media, or you seem attached to the hip with each other, maybe it is time to give him some space.

If you find him ignoring you, chances are that he might be trying to get some alone time to iron out some pressing personal matters. You don't have to take it personally anytime this happens since it is not a regular occurrence.


He may need some time to stay with family.

If you guys are still in the early stages of the relationship, he may be ignoring you deliberately to keep you away from prying family eyes. If he needs some time to be with his family, let him be. Try not to appear to possessive to avoid making him feel caged.

This happens mostly during the holidays like, Christmas or Thanksgiving eve. If you find out he is not texting you back, at such times, know he is probably caught up in some family tasks.


He may have such a habit in his nature.

Old habits, they say, die-hard. Face the truth: If he has always been that reserved and the type that likes going through problems alone, getting him to open up to you will require some patience and tricks. But always be cautious in order not to get on his nerves.

If he has always been romantic and chivalrous, and suddenly it is hard to get to find out what he would love to have for dinner, then there is something eating him up, and maybe you should let time heal things the natural way.

Sometimes men can go out of their way to please a woman when they just met or just got married. If the honeymoon fever wears off too soon, and he suddenly doesn't reply your texts on time, he might just be trying to be his usual self. But when he starts ignoring you for days on a stretch, you have to call him and let him know he has not been doing well.


He is just busy, perhaps.

He might be a busy man. Maybe there are lots of things to do and people he has got to see. If he is the busy type, then that is your answer to why he has been ignoring you.

We all get our share of hectic periods, and he may probably be passing through one at the moment. His new attitude does not necessarily mean he doesn't love you enough, but once you feel it is killing the relationship, do not hesitate to let him know.


He may be angry and does not want to discuss the issue yet.

I know a lot of men who will always be honest and open with the way they feel at any time. In fact, they can be too honest and open most times. I have also met some men who know how to hide their feelings from others with ease.

If your guy isn't the emotional type, he might probably be ignoring you to keep him from telling you how he feels. His feelings might not even be connected to you in any way. He might even be angry with everyone around him except you, and still manages to ignore you to prevent an argument.


He is probably jealous.

If you have been spending more time with your girlfriends or becoming more friendly with that cute guy in your place of work, your guy might probably be feeling jealous.

Men display their jealousy in different ways. Ignoring you is one of the easiest ways your guy can tell you he is jealous and unhappy. One way around this is to avoid talking about the guy in your office too often and spending more quality time with your man.


He might be affected by his friends.

If you find out he now hangs out with his friends more and ignores you most of the time, it might have something to do with his friends. They might be trying to let him see how he would be better off without a woman in his life or with another woman.

If you find out this is the case, you have to tread very carefully.

Guys are known to love their friends a lot so don't try nagging him about the friends he keeps, instead try to let him see how important having a relationship is to him.


He is probably seeing someone else.

This can be a very hard pill to swallow, but the truth remains that most times, it is not about you – it has to do with someone else. No one loves the thought of their partner cheating on them, or even the thought of thinking about any other women, but this happens a lot. It may not be likely, but it sure happens.

Jumping to this kind of conclusion can cause a lot of damage to your relationship, so make sure you get your facts right. Once you are sure about your suspicions, do not hesitate to confront him. Only do this if you are sure. Accusing your partner of being unfaithful is one of the easiest ways to break your relationship.


He wants to end the relationship.

So if you have the question, "why is he ignoring me?", this could be the last possibility. Sometimes it could be that he is protecting you from hurt by ignoring you. If he has my kind of heart, he won't like to break bad news to you. So his reason for ignoring you could be linked to his desire to end the relationship.


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