You’ve been burnt once, and that has made you super cautious around your current girlfriend. Look, nobody blames you for being this way. After all, it was her fault that she cheated on you and broke your trust, right? And no matter how much you’ve forgiven her or how much you want to move things forward with her, you can’t help but secretly worry whether she will cheat again?

Will She Cheat Again?

Some say cheating is like addiction, which is hard to get rid of. And those who cheat are very likely to cheat again. But will your girlfriend hurt you like that again? It's hard to say. The first time around you were oblivious to her cheating. So this time, be smart. Know what the signs of a cheater are. And if she’s guilty of 3 or more of the following signs, well then you have your answer.

She’s suddenly overly nice to you

She lets you do what you want, lets you have that boy’s night out without any arguments, watches your favorite games with you (the ones she hates) and does everything else that she swore she’d never do, only to make you happy.

And you’re pleasantly surprised at how quickly she’s matured. But be careful. She’s most likely behaving like this out of guilt. A lot of people are racked up with tremendous guilt when they cheat on their partner, which would be more so in the case of someone cheating on you for the second time. The best way for such people to get rid of their guilt is to make their partner happy, which is exactly what she’s doing.


Give surprise gifts

Has she been giving you unasked gifts recently? Especially not for any special occasion? Again, it’s a different manifestation of over-compensating for the guilt that she’s feeling. If this does happen, casually say, "I do appreciate all the gifts that you give me. But I can’t help but notice that it started X weeks ago. Did something happen then that made you behave like this?" And then slowly see how she reacts. Will she cheat again or is she cheating now? Well, the answer is in her reactions to your question. Conversely…


She stops noticing you

I mean, I know she’s been busy with work, but come on, never to the extent that she wouldn’t even notice you if you wear a Batman costume to dinner with her.


She’s never mentally present

I mean sure, she’s always there when you want her, but you can clearly tell her mind or heart is not into what you’re saying or doing. You often catch her zoning out, day dreaming or texting while you’re speaking to her. Why is that? Because you are not that important to her now or worse she has someone else on her mind, of course.


Being overly open with their phone

Of course by now we all know that a cheater almost always hides their phones in fear of their communications with someone else being read by you. But there’s a different category of cheaters – serial cheaters who are extremely confident of how smart they are. They believe that nothing you do will ever get them caught red-handed, so they go out of their way to “prove” their loyalty to you. So not only will she now be completely okay with you using her phone or having the passwords to her social media accounts, but in some cases, she might even insist you do so. There’s your answer to the question,"Will she cheat again?" This one may be subtle but pay attention you will find something that alerts you.


Accusations fling at you

Sometimes, the best way a cheater deflects questions about their secondary life is to be on the offensive. If she wants to cheat or is cheating, she will always accuse you of being suspicious, crazy or jealous all the time.

Ask her for her phone? She accuses you of not having faith in her. Ask her when she will be home tonight? She’ll accuse you of infringing on her private space. You get the gist, right? By doing so, she forces you to doubt yourself so that your suspicions about her are your fault. Now, until and unless you’re a genuinely jealous or possessive person, keep an eye out for such behavior.


She’s suddenly become more social

I mean sure, it’s great that she has a life beyond you and you always encourage her to maintain her social relationships. But of late, she’s become extra social. Remember Date Nights? And exactly when was the last time she bothered keeping up her end of the Date Night by showing up on time for it? Or showing up at all, for that matter?

It seems that suddenly a lot of "important meetings", "late night conferences" or "family emergencies" begin happening. Sure, it may entirely be possible that she’s bailing out on you to just hang out with her friends, but then that begs the question – if she cannot confide her problems in you because she doesn’t trust you enough, why is she even in a relationship with you? Another variation is…


She’s picked up a new hobby

And of course, it doesn’t include you. It simply includes a new set of "friends" that you’ve never met, only heard about through her. Will she cheat again? Well, just have a look at her social calendar to be sure.


Your loved ones are cautioning you

They cautioned you from the beginning not to trust her, but you chose to trust her any way and got burnt. Well, your well wishers are at it again and it would be beyond stupid to ignore their advice now.


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