When someone suggests you start writing love poems for your girlfriend, your reaction will most likely be that you can’t write and that you don’t know anything about writing poetry and expressing your feelings through words. But, as it is with dancing you should write poetry like no one’s watching. There are many benefits, both mental and emotional to write poems. Everyone has that something in them to be able to write poetry and express themselves through it. 

10 Key Reasons to Write Love Poems For Your Girlfriend


Unless writing epic poems, poetry is a short way to express yourself.

In prose what has to be written in pages, you can write it in a few lines with poetry. If you’re directed towards prose, writing poetry can help you by cutting down your word count. You will learn to express yourself in the right way with great clarity, concision and fewer words.


When writing poetry you’ll find a way to have fun with the words.

You will sharpen the part of your brain which makes you playful by playing with words. By doing this, you’ll have fun even when not writing and you will improve your social skills.


While writing love poems for your girlfriend, you will explore underused areas of your brain.

This will help you be more creative in the other parts of your life. Poetry is said to be like a lightning bolt-like shock to our creativity and you’ll be overall a more creative person. 


Innovation is very similar to creativity, but it’s sort of different.

Innovative thinking will  be encouraged when writing poetry if you challenge yourself to try a new form of poetry. This can be done regularly. You can write the same poetry, but in a different style, you can use this to solve problems that have been bothering you for a while. Just try a different approach.


Poetry can be the best way to tell your loved one that you love them.

This is why it’s a good thing to write love poems for girlfriend. You can tell someone that you’re sorry through poetry if you’ve hurt them. It’s a great way to restore bonds, fix relationships, and even start new ones. 


Writing love poems for your girlfriend makes you appreciate the things in your life and other poets alike.

You might not be a fan of a writer, but simply reading their poetry and seeing what it took to write it, you will appreciate them more. 


You can open up your emotions and you’re able to appreciate them.

You’re able to understand what people are feeling and you’re given the chance to help them get through the hard times in their life. And this is not a small thing to do.


At times, the only way that we can express how we feel is not with the words we say, instead with the words that we write.

By using the tools that poetry provides we can say hard, lovely or infinite things with ease. 


Poetry can help you with your troubling emotions.

If you’re having trouble with negative emotions, you can pour all of those feelings of sadness, fear, tension, anger and all of the other stressful emotions into a poem. This can be very helpful and therapeutic to your soul. Maybe it won’t make for such good poetry, but you’ll surely feel a lot better afterwards.


You will learn discipline.

While you may be writing free verse, if you look at other types of poetry they all have some sort of structure that requires discipline in order to be learned. Even if writing the more unstructured types, writing poetry itself, requires discipline. By writing poetry, you gain discipline that will help you out in other areas of your life. 

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