Being single for too long can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Here are 10 warning signs that you’ve been out of the game for far too long.

Part 1


You Idolize Taylor Swift

She isn’t considered the breakup queen for no reason -- the girl goes through men like she does outfits. Nothing against T-Swizzle, but her songs can be found on chronically single people’s playlists all around the world.


You Aren’t Phased By Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be rough for newly single people, but the professional singles will tell you it’s just another day.


You Haven’t Bought New Underwear In Years

Why would you need to spend money on fancy panties when nobody is going to see them?


You've Accepted That You’ll Never Reproduce

At this point, it’s been so long since you've even thought of someone in a romantic way that you have given up hope of ever having kids.


You Spend Your Weekends In Sweatpants

Spending a weekend lounging in sweats is no biggie, but it’s a different story if it becomes a weekly occurrence. It’s hard to have an active love life when the only people you talk to all weekend are your cats.


You Refer To Your Pet As The Guy Or Girl In Your Life

Sure, it may be cute when a guy refers to his pup as his 'girl,' but there’s a fine line between being sweet and being pathetic that you don’t want to cross.


You Deleted Your Wedding Board On Pinterest

This one may or may not apply mainly to ladies, but you know you’re heading down a dark path once you delete your beloved wedding board off Pinterest.


You Have Dreams About Your Personal Toys

I’m sure everyone knows how dreams can change when you’ve been single too long. It may seem strange to start having intimate dreams that don't involve a second person.


Your Parents Are Suggesting People To Date

You know your parents are worried about how long you’ve been single when they recommend you date the 50-year-old “boy” from the supermarket who still lives in his mother’s basement.


You Defend ‘Crazy Cat Ladies’

You defend ‘crazy cat ladies’ because one day you may become one.


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