You just love your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband sooooooo much that you wish you have one different reason to say that you love her/him whenever you need to! Well, search no further, because this 100 love notes provide you with the best answer. Here are 100 reasons why i love him/her, including simple but true answers, as well as romantic poems to explain reasons why I love you. Here’s to love! Enjoy!

100 Reasons Why I Love You

1.  When I am with you, I can be myself.

2.  You have such a beautiful smile and that smile makes me happy all day.

3.  I love the way you look at me and how it makes me feel peaceful and loved. 

4.  You think I’m pretty/ handsome no matter what.

5.  The way you walk, talk, smile or laugh, or even cry, just melt my heart. 

6.  We are independent individuals, yet when we are together, we are inseparable. 

7.  No matter how others see me, you make me feel special. 

8.  You put up with my moodiness and all other imperfections. 

9.  I love you because you treat my family right.

10.  We can take pictures with the most awkward facial expressions or postures, yet we still see each other as the cutest person on earth. 

11. I love how you wrap your arms around me and how that makes me feel secure. 

12.  I can be as silly as I like without worrying that you would love me less, cuz you always tell me I’m the apple of your eye.

13. How you always give me surprises.

14.  When I hear your voice in a noisy crowd of people, I can recognize that immediately and that makes me feel peaceful and the happiest person in the world.

15.  You always give me your honest opinion.

16.  How you would move across the country just to be with me, because you think I’m your whole world.

17.  How you keep little mementos of everything we have done.

18.  How you would protect me as my parents did when I was little and that you would do anything to stop me from getting hurt.

19.  Even when you are angry, or gloomy you are still adorable.

20.  How you are able to find beauty in small things and show me how to appreciate it. 

21.  The way you hold me like you never want to let me go.

22.  The way you challenge me and give me honest life lessons on how I could be a better person. 

23.  I love your passion for your hobbies and interests.

24.  You would text or call me every day to make sure that I’m ok.

25.  How you would stroke my fingers when we hold hands.

26.  Your sense of humor always light up my day.

27.  You always make me feel that you’ll never cheat on me and I have faith in it. 

28.  I love looking at your childhood pictures and listening to stories about your childhood and imaging how you were back then.

29.  The way you care about me and how you would comfort me when I’m in a bad mood. 

30.  I love you not only because who you are but also because who I am when I am with you. 

31.  You always take good care of me and stay by my side when I’m ill. 

32.  You say silly and cute things to make me laugh.

33.  How you kiss my forehead when you leave for work every day.

34.  I love the way you sing to me, especially when our song is being played.

35.  How patient you are.

36.  I love how I feel when I wrap my arms around your waist. 

37.  You always enjoy the dishes I cook even though they don’t taste good sometimes.

38.  I love your ingenuity.

39.  You love my cooking, but when I’m too tired or upset to cook, you can always sense that right away and cook something nice for me instead.

40.  You always remember our anniversaries and surprise me with little gifts.

41. The way you call me baby/babe.

42.  I love it when you would find a nice little park and take me out for a walk when it’s a good day with warm sunshine and soft breeze.

43.  You always give me cute names.

44.  When we go to the beach, I just love sunbathing with you.

45.  How you always know what I am thinking and what I’m going to say.

46.  When I am very upset about something, you always listen to my complaints and try to comfort me. But when my anger has died down, you offer me advice on how I can handle things better the next time.

47.  I love your ability to make me feel better when times are tough.

48.  Both our favorite baseball teams are the Yankees.

49.  How you upload pictures or put statuses up on facebook about us even when your friends tease you.

50.  You can’t hide it well when you are trying to tell me something that’s not true. I see you!

51.  You don’t smoke or do drugs because you want to be healthy for me and for our baby.

52.  How vivid you explain your dreams to me every morning.

53.  I love your wrinkles and crow’s feet when you smile.

54.  How my parents always say nice things about you and know that you are the perfect guy for their dearest daughter.

55.  When I first met you I looked into your heart. I knew you were the one and we would have a great start.

56.  I love how your voice sounds when you whisper in my ear. Sends chills down my spine.

57.  How I will never fear as long as you are near.

58.  You love my light and my shadow. Even though we are different, you never try to change me.

59.  I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together.

60.  I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you.

61.  I love the way we finish each other's sentences.

62.  How you would plan a nice trip for us during holidays.

63.  I love the way you treat my friends.

64.  You would leave love notes to remind me to eat breakfast and remember to take important things, when I’m still sleeping in bed.

65. You learned to say I love you in 10 different languages just for me. Je t’aime is my favorite.

66. After a huge fight, you would always be the first one to call and negotiate ways to make

things better for us.

67. You are drop dead gorgeous on the outside, but you are even more beautiful on the inside.

68.  You promise to build a treehouse with me so that I have a cozy and quiet place to be whenever I want to.

69. I love how we can spend the whole night together doing nothing but talking and hanging out and it’s still an amazing time.

70. You have perfect body and soul, yet you would never flirt with others, cuz you always say I’m the only one for you.

71. I could tell you anything, some of which are dark, and you wouldn’t think less of me.

72. How nice you are to homeless people.

73. You always laugh at my jokes, even when they are not funny at all.

74. I learn to take better care of myself because of you.

75. You often draw silly pictures of us.

76. How you love to sing and dance around when you are brushing your teeth. You are just so

energetic! My life is not complete without you.

77. You watch girly shows with me and I play video games with you.

78. You have magic hands that can fix everything, the toilet, the computer, the lights…

79. I love that you appreciate everything I do for you and don’t take it for granted.

80. I love you because you gave me serenity in the midst of struggle.

A piece of love poem won’t hurt and will definitely add much more romance to your love declaration. They are also reasons for “why I love you!” Check those 20 romantic love poems out and after reading this you have the complete list of 100 reasons why i love you!

Reason 81

Reason 82

Reason 83

Reason 84

Reason 85

Reason 86

Reason 87

Reason 88

Reason 89

Reason 90

Reason 91

Reason 92

Reason 93

Reason 94

Reason 95

Reason 96

Reason 97

Reason 98

Reason 99

Reason 100

That's the best 100 reasons why I love you. Do you have any reasons or ideas to fill in here? Please do share with us in the comment section.  


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