Every person looks for different things in a relationship. We all need to fulfill certain sexual desires in an effort to an improved quality of life. However, men are hesitant to discuss various topics with their partners although they are lifestyle essentials. Failure to raise their concerns about sexual relationships can weaken the bond between their intimacies. If you are a woman of beauty and style, here are 11 things every guy wants in a relationship but will never let you know.

11 Things Every Guy Wants In a Relationship but Never Tells You



Men are in charge of various roles and could be doing a lot for their intimate friends as well as their families. You should always take your time to mention things to the man in your sexual relationship so that he can feel recognized. Let him know what a godson, father, friend, husband or boyfriend he is. Men hardly get recognition for everything they do for others and will surely appreciate being recognized.



When was the last time you made your husband/boyfriend feel admired. Have you ever complimented his appearance after applying a facial cream, best skin brightening creams or moisturizer? Just like women, men undertake skincare treatments to enhance their beauty and style to look attractive and admirable. Telling your man about something you genuinely appreciate about him can strengthen your sexual relationship. It will make him happier and pleased too!



If you conduct extensive research, you will find that men desperately prefer a lifestyle where they are treated with outmost respect from their sexual partners. Meeting his sexual desire is one way to make a man feel in control of his household. In fact, irrespective of your beauty or style as a woman, there is nothing important than showing respect to the man in your life. This means you should merit their feelings, thoughts, ideas and actions before making your suggestions. Think of him as an important person and show it with your actions.



It’s every man’s quest to feel appreciated, and it won’t cost you much to express it. You can simply respond to their comments about your new outlook after using toner/moisturizer and facial cream by ‘thank you’ followed by a sexy smile to arouse his sexual desires. Let him understand that you are appreciating everything he is doing for you to endear your sexual relationship. He will do his best to do even more when you appreciate his efforts.



Men enjoy the company of the woman who counts most in their lifestyle. He may request your company when going out to social events during the weekends or to join him when engaging in workouts. He may also like your company when watching his favorite movie or TV programs. He simply wants you around. Take the opportunity and find means to spend more time with him and strengthen your sexual bond.



There are certain moments that men like being independent. This is not an indication that you shouldn’t accompany your man, but he may seem as if he can do things alone without having to check in or be made to feel guilty. It is important to let your man spend time and have fun with his friends or stay alone for some time.



Men always like women of beauty and style who spend the time to look their best. Don’t take it to extremes in an effort to make him happy. Taking good care of your skin using moisturizer, toner and facial cream will give an attractive look to please your other half. Take good care of your eyes, lips, fingernails, and hair to always look your best. Get him by surprise once you meet after a few hours or days apart. Put on your sexiest dress to entice his sexual desire after a dinner out.



Men go through numerous challenges in their life. In the effort to improve the lifestyle of your family, men are subjected to difficulties while fulfilling their duties as family heads. Being the woman he loves in his corner, you should always be there to cheer him. Your trust and confidence in him is very crucial. He thinks that if you trust in him, he is in a better position to tackle all challenges towards his goals.



Even if you are aware that he wants you, show that you are even more interested in him. Failure to show desire can make your man lose his confidence. Flirt and let him know that you are excited and feel lucky to be with him.


Pleasant Tone and Voice

Try to shout at your man and he will just walk away or give you a slap! Men like sexual relationships with women who talk with a pleasant voice and tone. Talk with a friendly and kind tone to maintain conversations and  strengthen your sexual relationship.



Just like women, a man prefers to be in a relationship with a woman of beauty and style that can offer support when required. Help him with tasks even before he requests your support. Tell him you are behind his back no matter how tough things turn out to be.

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