When most people think about relationships they think about looking each other into the eyes, saying the three words that make everyone’s heart thump and cuddling for hours while watching romantic movies.

While (nearly) every relationship has the potential to be an incredible experience, there are a lot of traps you can fall into. Relationships are complex constructs that can be destroyed as soon as one component of this construct is missing.

The following 15 unforgivable relationship mistakes show you all kinds of components that might be missing in your relationship. I really hope that this article inspires you to add the right components to your potentially amazing relationship.

15 Unforgivable Relationship Mistakes You Probably Make


You Don’t Listen

Not listening to your girlfriend is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The words and thoughts a woman shares with you reveal so much about her mood, her desires and her preferences. If you are too ignorant to listen to her, you don’t have to wonder when she stops sharing her life with you.


You Take Her For Granted

Never ever take your girlfriend for granted. Don’t assume that all the love and support she gives you is something that you deserve, just because you are in a relationship with her. Appreciate the fact that she cares about you. Otherwise she might look out for a guy who gives her the appreciation she craves for.


You Stopped Making an Effort

How do you dress when you are on a date with your girlfriend? Do you still hit the gym or have you transformed into a couch potato since you quit the dating game? A woman is the mirror of the man she is with and if you don’t show her that you make an effort, she won’t make an effort either.


You Have Given Up on Your Dreams

Women want to date passionate men. They want to date a man with a vision who wants to achieve certain goals in life and an adventurer who is willing to take the risks that are necessary to achieve those goals. The last think your girlfriend fantasizes about is to spend the rest of her life with a lazy dude who exists and doesn’t live. Start to follow your dreams, start to live and enjoy an amazing relationship.


You Don’t Show Her the Respect She Deserves

There are already too many men who don’t respect women. You don’t have to become one of them. The inability to respect other people is always the direct result of a low self-respect. If you respect yourself, you will automatically be able to respect others and a woman who feels respected will respect you.


You Don’t Verbalize Your Love

When was the last time you told your girlfriend that you love her? In case the last time you looked her into the eyes and told her that you love her was before the invention of the first IPhone you don’t have to wonder why your relationship isn’t the happiest. Verbalize your feelings. She can’t read your mind, but she will understand your words.


You Try to Change Her

One popular mistake that both men and women make when it comes to relationships is that they try to change their partner. The uncomfortable truth is that you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. The only thing you accomplish with this behavior is stress, pressure and a relationship that goes downhill.


You Blame Her for Your Situation

Happiness comes from within and if you are not happy with your life it is your own fault, not hers. It is easy to blame your partner for your misery, but just because something is easy doesn’t mean that it is fair. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy, so don’t give it away.


You are Unable to Lead Her

I know that there are a lot of women who want to achieve success by working in leadership positions, but when it comes to relationships, women are most comfortable when they are together with a man who is able and willing to lead them. Women feel safe and secure with a strong leader. If you are too lazy to fulfill this role your current girlfriend might see herself forced to look for a leader.


You Sabotage Yourself

Some people just can’t deal with happiness. This is sad but true. In case you also sabotage your relationship as soon as it gets too perfect, because you feel that you don’t deserve it, you should analyze your behavior. Find a way to work on your negative emotions and your insecurities and don’t allow your self-sabotaging tendencies to ruin something beautiful.


You Give Her the Feeling to Be Unattractive

How does your girlfriend feel when you look at other girls? How does she feel when you talk with your buddies about your hot coworker or the sexy young girl in the gym? She probably doesn’t feel very attractive. If you want to live in a happy relationship you have to give your girlfriend the feeling that she is the most attractive woman in the world.


You Expect Support without Being Supportive

It is great that she supports you. It is also great that she is there for you whenever you go through tough times, but are you also there for her when she needs you? I know quite a few men who expect support without giving support. If you don’t give, you can’t expect to receive.


You Live Your Life without Her

I know that you love to hang out with your buddies, but don’t make the mistake and block your girlfriend out of your life. In case you are really in love with her, spending time with her should be something you want, not something you feel obligated to. She should be a part of your life and you should allow her to take part in your life.


You Assume She is Yours Forever

A lot of men mistakenly assume that a girl who is their girlfriend on Tuesday will be their girlfriend on Friday, no matter what they do and how they behave. Well, that’s wrong. Just because you are together now doesn’t mean that she won’t leave you when you once you stopped working on your relationship.


You Misunderstand the Concept of Freedom

I know so many guys who feel trapped as soon as they are in a relationship. Suddenly, they have this overwhelming feeling that they are not free anymore. Oftentimes this is nothing but an illusion and unfortunately this illusion has the power to destroy something beautiful. Once you understand that sharing your life with someone can give you more freedom than spending it alone, you are ready for your next relationship.

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