Since the 30s are considered to be that stage of life by which a person becomes mature, it becomes hard to decide which gift is going to suit as a birthday present, especially if the person you are giving the gift to is your wife or girlfriend. The 30th birthday is around the time when women start thinking about aging. So, you need to give her a gift that reminds her that age is just a number and she is still very special and dear to you. The following are some 30th birthday ideas for wife that can help you in making her feel special.

10 Excellent 30th Birthday Ideas for Wife


Spa Day

Pampering is something that a lady would definitely love on her birthday. So, providing your wife the chance to enjoy a luxurious day at the spa as a birthday gift so that she can relax and get some special attention would be a nice present. If you really want to spoil her, then offer her an extensive spa experience where she can get any treatment she wants. Give her the opportunity to enjoy the spa day with her close girlfriends.


Surprise Party

One of the coolest 30th birthday ideas for wife is to gather her close family members and friends and plan a surprise party for her. Make sure to make preparations for the party in advance and get other people to pitch in to keep the party a secret. You can either keep the party an intimate affair or have a large event depending on your wife’s preference and your budget. She is definitely going to love the effort you had put in to plan the event.


Destination Birthday

A destination birthday can also prove to be an amazing gift idea for your wife’s 30th birthday. You can either invite some of your friends to accompany you on the adventure or just keep it a couple’s retreat where the two of you can enjoy the milestone together. Every birthday calls for a celebration but a milestone birthday like the 30th deserves something extra, so taking her to a place she had wanted to visit for a long time is a great way to celebrate big.


Breakfast in Bed

Since the 30th birthday marks the beginning of a new chapter of life for you wife, a good way to celebrate is to give her a treat that she does not expect. Take the time to prepare the breakfast food items she like and arrange them neatly on a tray and wake her up with the tantalizing smells. It would be even better to have some flowers and a birthday note on hand along with the breakfast to make the whole experience even more joyful for her.


Birthday Jewelry

One of the best 30th birthday ideas for wife is to give her customized jewelry. This would serve as a good souvenir for her that she can wear throughout the year. When buying the jewelry, do keep in mind her likes and dislikes. If you have a decent budget, then go for a gold birthstone necklace having a message engraved in it for your wife’s 30th birthday. A bracelet having a 30th birthday charm or a birthday cake charm would be an ideal gift if you have a modest budget.


A Collection of Previous Memorable Moments

Women stepping into their 30s have many cherished memories of their past life. A great 30th birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend would be a compilation of these memorable moments of her life presented in a unique manner. This might include collecting photographs of her childhood, school or college days and other memorable events and compiling them in a scrapbook. You might also collect the photos of family events and print them on a personalized gift item.


Concert or Music Festival

Another one of the excellent girlfriend 30th birthday ideas is to take her to a music festival or concert of her favorite band. There is no better place to celebrate a birthday than a music festival as there are drinks, food, a partying crowd and lots of entertainment available there. You girlfriend will feel liberated and have lots of fun in the upbeat atmosphere there. She will get the chance to mingle with other people and might even forget about aging at all.


A Romantic Evening

A romantic candlelight dinner at a beachside restaurant or a cruise dinner are excellent ways of celebrating the 30th birthday of your wife as it will help you in spending some time alone with her. You can recollect memories of the past during the dinner while enjoying the food and might even put on some nice music and have a dance as well. This romantic evening can be staged at home as well if you have a limited budget to operate in.


A Birthday Bouquet

Flowers prove to be the perfect gift item on any birthday. However, you must choose the flowers very carefully, making sure that the blossoms you choose go well with each other. For instance, a combination of Gerbera daisies, pink rose and alstroemeria is perfect when given with a festive balloon. A bouquet in a chic vase is also a good option as the vase can be reused once the flowers wilt. Asiatic lilies and cymbidium orchids placed among grasses and tropical leave is a good flower gift if she has a refined taste in flowers.


Something Related to Thirty

One of the unique 30th birthday ideas for wife is to give her a gift that is related to the number thirty. This means buying something that emphasizes on the number thirty. For instance, a three-tiered birthday cake having 30 candles, thirty pairs of socks, thirty hair dressings, bouquets of thirty flowers, thirty nails polishes, thirty earrings or even a collection of thirty movie DVDs or music CDs would all prove to be excellent gifts. Don’t forget to attach a birthday card along with the gift.


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