Forget about six-pack abs. Forget about incredible stamina and endless boners. You’re old as hell now, but that’s OK, because many women appreciate a silver fox. Here are reasons why, like scotch, men only get better with age.

Part 1


You Get Better At It

Any pro athlete will tell you: First you learn the fundamentals, then you can score like a master. A veteran player has more than just a jump shot; he’s got the finger roll as well. Senior relationship expert Joan Price, author of “Naked At Our Age,” told HuffPo, “The best sex I ever had was with the man I met when I was 57 and he was 64.” Just be careful with some of those lifting positions, ’cause you’re more liable to throw your back out these days.


Older Guys Worry Less

According to an MSN poll of 2,000 Americans, “Men are the most confident in bed between the ages of 50 and 69…” Plus, only 34% of older men worry about looking older, “leaving them freer to enjoy the experience.” That means you’ll continue to have confidence about your body long after it begins to sag like a bag of smelly laundry.


Less Testosterone Doesn’t Mean Worse Sex

No one thinks about sex more than a teenage boy, but Dr. Marc Goldstein at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College says that “peak hormones don’t mean peak sexual performance.” So while we can’t stay a young buck forever, that doesn’t mean we have to hang up the spurs at 30.


You Can Teach An Old Kitty New Tricks

A cougar isn’t afraid to leap to catch its prey. MSN further reports that “older women are also more adventurous — with 89% admitting they like to vary positions and locations, including the garden.” Maybe older couples get tired of the same ol’ routine and decide to switch it up. Whatever the reason, “A majority [of women] said that sex was better in their 40s than it had been in their 20s.”


No Shame In Viagra

Popping boner pills in your 20s carries the stigma of needing them to perform. In your golden years, hey, everybody’s doing it. Literally.


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