I have to admit something that might disturb you. It disturbs a lot of people, too many people. This shouldn’t be. It should be seen as completely normal and natural, not as something that is looked down at. I am in an interracial relationship.

Are you shocked? Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

The World Is Changing

I hope not. In case it does, reading this article will make you feel even more uncomfortable. I promise you that. Now people like me are the minority. We still get the “curious eyes” and we still hear the gossip behind out backs. But this will change. It will change very soon. Not so long ago, being in an interracial relationship was illegal. Just think about it. 1967 was the year when interracial marriages became legal in the USA. Yes, there was a time when loving someone outside your race was a crime. Nowadays some people still think that it’s a crime, or at least that it’s somehow bad. But again, things are changing. Interracial dating becomes more and more socially accepted. In a couple of years, interracial dating will be the norm…

It’s Already More Common Than Ever Before

I am from Germany and I spent over a year studying in the UK. To be honest, it was a culture shock. While in Germany 95% of my classmates were white, I was suddenly surrounded by people of all color.

I loved it.

Everyone was getting along with each other. Black people had white friends. White people had Asian friends. We were one big family. But one thing was more astonishing than anything else.

Dating outside your race was normal.

People were okay with it. It wasn’t a crime. Things were changing, especially in the eyes of the younger generation. I had the feeling that for the young people, “interracial dating” became “dating”. It was just normal. 

Just look around your college or office. I am sure that there are some people who are in interracial relationships. Guess what, there will be more in a couple of years.


Online Dating Is a Huge Opportunity

The stigma is still there. I don’t deny that. 

Some people just don’t understand it. Others don’t want to understand it. But thanks to the internet, there are dozens of sites and communities where men and women interested in interracial relationships can meet.

This is beautiful.

There are hundreds of sites that bring white people, black people and Asian people together. These are sites for open-minded people, people like me and hopefully also people like you, who don’t allow racism to destroy their chance to find love.

These online dating sites are a powerful tool to escape the stigma and gossip from other people. But at the same time they lead to more and more interracial relationships and, therefore, at least in the long run, to more acceptance.


The Advertising Industry Is Finally Realizing the Trend

Do you remember the outrage that this innocent Cheerio commercial led to?

Just have a look at all the comments underneath this YouTube video and you will come to the conclusion that the human race can’t be the most intelligent lifeform in this galaxy.

It’s sad, very sad. But it’s also a huge chance. The fact that the advertising industry is bold enough to address this change in the dating culture can lead to more people talking about it and challenging their beliefs.

The Cheerio commercial was one of the first commercials that addressed the interracial dating trend so directly, but it won’t be the last one. And yes, there will be many hate comments from both sides, but at some point, the haters will be the minority.


More and More Influencers Are Dating Outside Their Race

Who are the influencers in our society?

Unfortunately, in our society influencers are not the people with the best ideas and also not the people with the highest IQ.

The influencers of our society are celebrities.

I honestly think that most of these people shouldn’t have the right to influence anyone at all, but that’s how it is. Celebrities have power and many people are looking up to them.

This can be seen as a bad thing, or as a good thing. And when you are a believer in interracial dating, it’s a good thing.

More and more celebrities are dating outside their race. Just think about Robert De Niro, or Michael Jordan, or Robert Pattinson.

These are all celebrities who don’t give a damn about the haters. And in the case of Robert Pattinson, there was a lot of hate. But it’s these people who have the power to change interracial dating from something that’s wrong to something that’s normal.

Each interracial relationship between celebrities is a chance for more acceptance.


Expats Are More Confident with Their Dating Decisions

A couple of decades ago, expats in Africa and Asia were immediately labeled as a so-called “sexpat”. Nobody asked why he was an expat. Nobody cared. He was together with an Asian woman or an African woman, so he must be a sex tourist.

That’s what a very close friend of mine, who is about 30 years older than me, told me about his time in Asia and Africa. He was working as a manager and did a lot of developmental work. Nobody cared. In their eyes, he was nothing but a sex tourist.

This is changing. In my years of traveling the world, I met hundreds of expats who were not ashamed to admit that they are dating outside their races. I met both men and women for whom interracial relationships were completely normal.


The Digital Nomad Movement Continues

There are more digital nomads than ever before and the rise continues.

I am one of them and as I already told you, I am in an interracial relationship. It shouldn’t surprise you that I am not the only one. A lot of my digital nomad friends are in interracial relationships. For them, it’s normal.

I hope that the digital nomad movement and hope that this article can help more and more people to realize that interracial dating is not only beautiful, but also completely normal.

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