Is there a guideline on how to be single? It all matters on how you will choose to navigate your life as a single person. But, you will need to be guided in some cases because you don’t have a life partner to share your troubles with. Both males and females can choose to be single so it’s not an issue of any gender.

Some people choose to live single while others are forced by circumstances. One might be single after the death of a partner; it can be through divorce or many other unavoidable circumstances. Regardless of the situation you have found yourself in, you will have a good opportunity to live a happy life.

Living single means you will not have the many responsibilities attached to family life and you will be an independent person. You will get to do things without being questioned by a partner. The following are some of the guidelines to help you out on how to be single without enduring much trouble.

9 Tips on How To Be Single

Discover Self

You cannot choose to live single if that is not your calling. You must first study your life to discover where it inclines towards. You might decide to live as a single person yet you are a family material. It makes no sense to wonder how to be single when you are modeled to be a husband or wife.

Don’t Date Anybody

Living single is all about yourself and nobody else. To be a single person and succeed in that, you should date yourself only and avoid people from the opposite sex. Many people will wonder how that can happen but it’s possible once you are committed. If you know that going to certain social places will encourage you to start dating people of the opposite sex, avoid visiting them. But, you should not break up your social life in the name of wanting to live a single life. There are many ways of interacting with all people but still maintain your single status.

Change Career

How to be single by changing career is a reality these days. Many people meet their prospective partners at work places. If you feel like there is that temptation to date your workmate, seeking a change of career will be a good option. You must remain versatile in that case to fit into several career fields.

Prioritize Work Commitments

These days we have career men and women. These are people who choose to concentrate more on their careers at the expense of family life. It is one of the best ways to address your concerns on how to be single. If you have more time for your work, it means you have less time to date and even start a family. However, you must be very careful not to become a workaholic as you chase your dream of living as a single person.

Enjoy Life Maximally

If you have chosen to be single, don’t waste any opportunity in sampling out all pleasures of your life. Don’t let singlehood to limit your life in any way but you must utilize any opportunity available. That will help to fill the void left by the fact that you don’t have a partner to complement you.

Travel Alone

When you are single, travelling around will be one of the best ways to live your life well. There are no disturbances of children and wife so you will have all the time to travel to any destination you feel like in the world. There will be nothing to stop you from travelling apart from work commitments. You need to be flexible in the way you work for the sake of satisfying your how to be single concerns.


Have you ever heard of how to be single through volunteering? This is not something new to the world and you should be ready to take it up. Volunteering means offering your services for free to the vulnerable people of the society; you can donate foodstuffs or money to a home for the less privileged or participate in free community work like cleaning streets. Doing that will help you to fill the space occasioned by singlehood.

Proper Bonding

The choice of friends you choose to bond with will determine whether you are happy or not for living single. Some friends are helpful while others are not. You must make informed choices such that the friends you bond with breathe sense to your life as a single. Don’t bond with people who will make you feel frustrated or regretful for being single. They should be persons who encourage you and make you feel comfortable.

Flirt Freely

You have chosen to be single so there is nothing you will be out for from people of different sex. If that is the case for you, feel free to flirt with anybody because after all there is no hidden agenda. Even as you flirt, nobody or nothing should force you to enter into a relationship when you are not prepared. Flirt openly and freely with no strings attached and that will help you out on how to be single.

  • You must always be steadfast in your resolve to live single. Some people wonder how to be single is possible without privileges like sex. Such things will not be in your mind so don’t choose singlehood only to start thinking of marrying later on. You have to be principled.
  • Be grateful for being single because many people wish to be like that in vain. Just focus on what your life has to offer without being carried away by emotions.
  • Never allow another person to decide for you. Being single is a personal decision and all concerns on how to be single should not be an open secret. You must know how to handle them.
  • Never fall into a comfort zone once you decide to be single. You must strive to learn new things every passing day.

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